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Compare & Contrast: Snow vs. Rain

Published: Sunday, November 14, 2004

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


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Students on Newton Campus sled after a snowfall last December. Winter weather brings fun activities to campus, rain has better songs though.



Umbrellas help fend off wet weather. Rain has better accessories than snow but can´t compete when it comes to activites or fictional characters.

It's the in-between season. Half fall, half winter, the weather shifts on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Sometimes it's snowing, sometimes it's raining, and sometimes it's snowing and raining at the same time. So here it is, Compare & Contrast: The weather edition.

Songs Winner = Rain Weather inspires great music. From "Walking on Sunshine" to "Stormy Weather," there is a song to cover just about every meteorological event. There are fabulous songs for both kinds of precipitation, but by the numbers rain has the edge. "Blame it on the Rain," "Rainy Days and Mondays," "Kentucky Rain," "Singin' in the Rain" (which is among the best songs ever), "It's Raining Men," November Rain," the list just goes on and on. "Let it Snow" is a good song, but not good enough to compete with all the fabulous songs about rain.

First time effect Winner = Snow Have you ever seen someone from Arizona celebrating the first rain they've ever seen? Probably not, but take a transplant from LA out in the snow and you've got one giddy college student on your hands.

Accessories Winner = Rain Slickers and rain boots and umbrellas are just so much fun. Every time it rains I get excited to put on my rain gear. Hats and scarves come in all colors and patters, but they just don't have the same effect.

Activities Winner = Snow When you play in the rain you just get wet. Snowy day activities are among the best things around. Building a snowman everytime it snows never gets old. Snow angels, snow forts, and snowball fights on the other hand are lots of fun before you end up cold and wet.

Fictional Characters Winner = Snow Suzy Snowflake and Frosty the Snowman had a very fine affair. Walking in a winter wonderland, you can build a snowman and pretend it's Parson Brown - just try to build a fake priest to perform a wedding ceremony out of a puddle.

Lazy Benefits Winner = Snow Unless it's a hurricane, school doesn't get cancelled for a rain storm. Snow days are so great that little children (and college students) all over the world pray for a blizzard so that they can put off their studies for an extra 24 hours.

Natural disasters Winner = Rain A bad blizzard can effectively shut down the city for a day, maybe two days at most. Floods wreak havoc for weeks at a time.

Food Winner = Snow So maybe you can have some soup on a rainy day, but coming inside after being out in a blizzard, nothing's better than a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Or tea. Or coffee. Or even soup.

Overall Winner = Snow The white stuff covers the ground and all of a sudden everyone is singing "Winter Wonderland." Snow has an effect on people that rain will never have. People look forward to the first snow of the year, something rain can't boast. The first snow marks the beginning of a new season and is anticipated and celebrated. Rain only inspires people to stay indoors and play with jigsaw puzzles.

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