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Students create social hot spots on and off campus

Published: Thursday, September 14, 2006

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

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Corcoran Commons Dining Hall on Lower Campus is a popular place where students meet up and hang out.

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Mary Ann's bar, located in Cleveland Circle is a popular place where students meet up and hang out.

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One of the hottest spots on campus is the Modular Apartments, or Mods, where students get together for events such as football games.

The new school year has just begun, and students here at Boston College are reuniting with friends to reminisce about their summer breaks, celebrating during game days, and, of course, simply taking a break from classes to enjoy themselves - on campus as well as off campus. Students love to gather together in their own special meeting or studying places. Certain gathering places attract groups of friends because they are meaningful to them. Just as the popular Cheers bar is the place where "everyone knows your name," and the ever-so-popular Friends have Central Perk, where they discuss the news and gossip of their daily lives, BC Eagles have plenty of places where they flock together to do the same.

For people who want to crack open the books during the school week and meet friends for a meal, Corcoran Commons is the place to be.

"I enjoy spending time on the second floor of Lower [Corcoran Commons]. It works well as both a social place and a study area," says Daniel McGillivray, A&S '09, who continues to return to this special study/social spot.

In addition, Hillside Café attracts the student body for its coffee drinks and panini sandwiches. It contains a café atmosphere where students and faculty can casually meet up with each other. Samantha Staub, A&S '07, is the student manager at Hillside. She observes students and faculty meeting with friends and colleagues and believes that Hillside is the top place to hang out.

She describes why they faithfully return for their meals or coffee, even to wait in those long lines: "Hillside has the best food on campus, hands down. It doesn't have that typical 'dining hall feel.' It's unique, and that's why people enjoy coming."

Many students prefer to spend their down time socializing with friends in their respective residence halls. The Mods, which were only supposed to be temporary housing facilities in the early 1970s, have a strong history at BC.

The Mods are a great place to gather with friends, especially to tailgate on game days; BC students do not always have to travel far in order to enjoy themselves. Chris Harris, A&S '07, enjoys meeting up with people in the Mods and explains their popularity among those who spend time there during senior year.

"People in the Mods can grill, tailgate, and see all their friends without leaving their yards," he says.

Students who are over 21 years of age can easily find places to visit along with their fellow Eagles off campus, due to the variety of popular destinations in the surrounding area.

The Kells and Mary Ann's are two of the most popular bars where students from BC are always guaranteed to have memorable experiences.

The Kells is located in Allston, near the corner of Harvard Avenue and Brighton Avenue. The easiest way to get there is to take the B line. In its 12th year of existence, The Kells is definitely one of the most popular bars among college students and young people in Boston.

"I think it is a cool place to go to meet people. Not only is it very close, but the drinks are cheap as well," says Tanesha Wright, A&S '07. The Kells has two floors and offers a wide variety of drinks every night. The downstairs area is for dancing and contains its own bar, while the second level is strictly a bar scene. Though the bar never forgets its Irish heritage, the recently-added Asian cuisine is a unique touch.

Elizabeth Ghazi, A&S '07, remembers celebrating her 21st birthday at the Kells and enjoys going back with friends. "It's Irish and Asian all in one," she says. "I love the Asian food that they offer, and the atmosphere and music of this Irish pub is great. If you don't feel like dancing, there are plenty of tables [where you can] socialize as well."

Mary Ann's - located in Cleveland Circle on Beacon Street in Brookline - is a place of tradition for BC students. The Eagles of a generation ago, as well as today, enjoy dropping into Mary Ann's to celebrate BC wins - or to forget its losses. It is also a place where you can meet up with good friends, catch up with old acquaintances, and still have the opportunity to meet new people. Meredith Sciarrio, A&S '07, describes Mary Ann's as one of her favorite spots to get together with friends.

"On any given night, BC students can always bump into people they know, for it bleeds BC, especially on game days," she says.

Whether students stay on campus to study and get something to eat, or whether they travel off campus to engage in the nightlife, they are definitely likely to enjoy themselves. BC students can make anywhere a memorable place - one to return to frequently with friends even after they have left BC behind.

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