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AD decision process needs to be accelerated

Delayed decision could make transition period for the new Athletic Director stressful

Published: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Gene DeFilippo announced his retirement as Athletic Director on Aug. 17. Forty-eight days later, his successor has yet to be named, a sign that is likely not positive for Boston College. DeFilippo stated that his last day would be Sept. 30, and after that, John Kane, senior associate athletic director, would take over as interim AD. Kane now has the interim AD tag, though it is not clear how long he will be holding that position. This week Kane is attending the ACC Fall Business Meetings in Boston, but it’s likely that he is just acting as a figurehead for the University. How many major decisions is an interim AD allowed to make, if any?
Leo Sullivan, vice president of Human Resources, who is heading the AD search, told The Heights in September that he’d like to have a new AD by Oct. 1, but that the process would not be rushed. The committee is certainly not rushing, but The Heights believes there needs to be some sense of urgency to hire the next AD soon, if only for the health of the athletic department. There is always a transition period when a new AD comes in, which sometimes includes the firing of personnel, and always includes the building of new relationships. For that reason, it is important that the new AD be named soon so that this transition period can occur as swiftly as possible. The fall sports schedule is nearly halfway over, and the first winter sport is set to begin tomorrow night. Had DeFilippo’s retirement and the subsequent hiring been made over the summer, it may have provided an easier transition. Instead, the new AD will have to adjust on the fly once he starts at BC.
There has been speculation that the new AD will want to reevaluate the football program and address the issue of a struggling team. That won’t be easy to do once the season is almost over. BC plays its fifth game of the season on Saturday, and unless a new AD is named soon, there won’t be much time to have a proper evaluation. The sooner that happens, the better off all involved will be. While the AD search should certainly not be rushed, we do feel it needs to be accelerated. BC needs to begin its next era of athletics now.

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