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Chorduroy 2014 Listening Guide

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Published: Thursday, February 20, 2014

Updated: Thursday, February 27, 2014 10:02


Courtesy of Chorduroy

10. "Disconsolation" - Anonymouse

Anonymouse goes long on “Disconsolation,” a track off the band’s EP Outboard, which is featured in the Chorduroy collect. There’s something of a Green Day flare in Anonymouse’s “Disconsolation.” The chorus to the song repeats, “I’ve lost all hope in you”—but there’s hope yet for Anonymouse. The track shows off a young artist, ready to take off and grow.

11. "Words Rang Hollow" - Scojo feat. Alandra

Scott Johnson, A&S ’14, who goes by the name Scojo on the Chorduroy album, is headed in the right direction with his dance track “Words Rang Hollow.” It’s not blaring club music by any means—rather, his synths start out smoothly, and slowly build up alongside the elegant, mature vocals of Alandra. Scojo is self-described as “just a dude with a laptop” on his SoundCloud page, and this song perfectly highlights his abilities.

12. "The '95 Sweep" - Blame the Sirens

If Johnson is just a dude with a laptop, then Blame the Sirens is just a group of dudes and their guitars—yet, there’s something very honest in their purity. “The ’95 Sweep” is a stripped-down testament to a simpler time, as Nick Benevenia, A&S ’14, sings, “I know I’ve been wasting my time / Watching highlight reels of the Devils in ’95 / But it makes me smile so damn hard.” The track starts and ends with sound clips from the game itself, further transporting us into that moment.

13. "Found My Way" - Jimmy and the Gooch

“Found My Way” is a bright, feel-good track from Jimmy and the Gooch, a folk duo from Long Island, N.Y. With uppity acoustics supported by the mandolin strings, the track gives more of a bluegrass vibe, taking a lighter approach to the folk genre. This is a roll-down-your-windows kind of tune, evoking images of the sun and sky—much needed at a time like this.

14. "Alright" - Free Alley

The Chorduroy compilation makes a more subdued transition with Free Alley’s “Alright,” a mellow folk track that is dusted with light piano in the chorus, and fuses more prominent keys as the song progresses. By the end of the vocalist’s sequence, the song shifts and builds to a faster pace more typical of Mumford & Sons songs—simultaneously drawing from contemporaries and maintaining a style all its own.

15. "Locked Up" - Lucas Allen

Lucas Allen, A&S ’16, made his debut as a freshman on last year’s Chorduroy album with his song “This Night is Ours,” and this year he’s back with “Locked Up.” While his first track harmonized with female vocals, Allen is all on his own for this one, and the result is a more consolidated showcase of Allen coming into his own smooth rock style. The extended guitar play at the end of the song rounds off the track—and the album—in a stylish, satisfying close.


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