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Manchester Orchestra's 'Top Notch,' Timeflies' 'All The Way,' And Trey Songz's 'Na Na'

For The Heights

Published: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 22:01

Manchester Orchestra, "Top Notch"Smiley face
Angsty vocals and polluted guitars are the main components of the flaming ball of energy “Top Notch.” The layers of distorted guitars give the song a powerful beginning, continuing into a quiet verse to build to an explosion of sound during the chorus. Warning: listening to this song too loudly on your headphones may cause permanent ringing in your ears.


Timeflies, "All The Way"
Smiley face
Listening to this weak piece of music is an unfortunate experience. It sounds like this genre-less duo attempted to use a pop song formula when creating this fiasco of a tune, with low-quality techno melodies reminiscent of Avicii’s new pop-country style (except not in a good way), and vocals that sound a little too much like One Direction for anyone’s good.


Trey Songz, "Na Na"
Smiley face
Following his usual style of singsong hip-hop, Trey Songz delivers a catchy new tune. Although most of the lyrics consist of “oh na na na,” we give him a pass because the melody is quite easy on the ears. Heavily auto-tuned (who’s surprised?) but with a smooth rhythm, this song won’t be a hit but is a decent addition to his repertoire.

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