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Published: Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

It's like they say on that daytime classic, "Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives." We live in an absurdly accelerated culture, one made all the more whirling by this academic institution. Between scrapping for grades, searching for cuff links for job interviews, and settling day-to-day roommate scuffles, it becomes far too easy to feel muddled or lost or to take yourself too seriously in college. Two men, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, refused to succumb to the whirlwind while at Temple University. Instead of selling themselves out to maturity, they embraced their youth, filming endless absurdist videos. In their latest project, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, which airs on Cartoon Network, the two combine elements of Monty Python, Sesame Street, and public access television into an uproarious sketch comedy show. More so than almost anything on the Internet, Tim and Eric's video library on can relieve the chaos of college. Here are just a few of their hits:

1. Focus on Comedy: Featuring smug comedian Michael Ian Black (from the comedy troupe Stella and all those VH1 I Love the... specials), this short frames itself as a standard interview with Tim and Eric. But with editing, things get a bit bizarre: a man becomes part swan, a man pops out of a top hat, Eric glares nervously into the camera, wigs emerge and disappear, and Michael Ian Black guffaws at straightforward answers. If this sounds like it doesn't add up, it doesn't. But that's part of the poecy of Tim and Eric: they exploit the nonsensical.

2. It's Not Jackie Chan: Part of an episode celebrating Jackie Chan's 100 years of entertainment, Tim and Eric filmed a commercial for the exhilarating board game "It's Not Jackie Chan." A brilliantly conceived game, players move pieces around a board as they answer questions that don't have Jackie Chan as the answer. "Quick, name ten things that aren't Jackie Chan," says one player. The contestant responds, "Toothpaste. Lamps. Pizza. Jackie Chan. No!" It's harder than you think, at least in Tim and Eric's world.

3. Groban Sings Casey: Somehow, Tim and Eric lure in scores of celebrities: Alan Thicke, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Garlin, David Cross, John Mayer. But perhaps no cameo tops songbird Josh Groban. In a mock infomercial for a cassette, Groban sings the songs of Casey, a deranged orphan character from a previous season. Belting songs like "Hamburgers and Hotdogs" and "Horse and Buggy Ride," this short marks one of the most whimsical scenes you can witness. Lyrics include "Bang bang cops and robbers / Bang Bang robbers and cops / Bang bang rob that bank / put 'em in jail."

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