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Oh, Pine!

A Space Online to Opine

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The Forest Bids you Welcome

04/23/10 11:39 AM

Here it is, folks. This marks the inaugural post on the Heights’ new Opinions blog, “Oh, Pine!” Let it be an oasis in the desert of the Internet; let it be a pastoral landscape amidst the badlands of the Web.   I will be updating this little ditty semi-regularly with thoughts, qualms, caveats, and interjections about issues of campus and beyond. So be sure to link up that RSS feed, tweet out to the universe, and tell your FarmVille neighbors about this – as you can see, I know little to nothing about what I’m doing, but that’s never stopped presidents before and it won’t stop me either. However, it’s rather frightening that I’ve been entrusted as an online docent.   Anywho, check this out for posts of note. I... 0 comment


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