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The Road Less Traveled

Musings about cars and life written by Marketplace columnist Ameet Padte

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Boston College Culture and The Lexus HS250h

02/18/10 00:05 AM

  I used to think that the drinking culture at Boston College was silly. Having spent a semester touring the clubs of London, the culture now strikes me as stupid.  I never liked being drunk; I realize now, however, that my idiosyncratic discomfort was a result of my surroundings. In London we would begin by achieving a moderately tipsy level and then go to a club where we would further intoxicate ourselves. The venues are immersive atmospheres, truly staggering sensory experiences, which are made even more interesting through an inebriation-induced haze. I would then communicate these sentiments to whoever would listen, in a loud and categorical manner; declamatory after decantatory?  Meanwhile, at Boston College we doll ourselves up, carefully selecting outfits that...