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Boat Cruise Revamped

ALC Adds Theme, New Safety Measures To Annual Event

Heights Editor

Published: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

The Programming Department of the AHANA Leadership Council (ALC) has reworked the ALC Boat Cruise this year to include more varied entertainment and stricter security measures. In an attempt to continue improving the ever-popular event, attract a broader demographic, and cut down on issues arising from intoxication, the programming department has revamped the annual excursion, adding a theme and precautionary safety measures.

Co-directors of the programming department Denise Pyfrom, A&S ’14, and Gabriela Mejia, A&S ’13, decided to make the event casino-themed partly because they believed it would add a fun element that would entice people not just from ALC or within the AHANA community to attend the event.

“It’s really important to us too that people don’t see the ALC boat cruise as only for AHANA students,” Pyfrom said. “That’s one of the reasons why we tried to get more creative this year, to try to attract a more diverse crowd from the student body.”
Diversifying the attendance has been a goal of the planners of the ALC Boat Cruise for a few years now, and Mejia believes that progress has been made.

“My freshman year, it was very much mostly AHANA students, and over the past couple years there’s been a big increase in how mixed the crowd is,” Mejia said.

She attributes this progress partially to the fact that there is a much greater presence in ALC on the part of non-AHANA students now than in past years. “Our staff members have been trying to get out there and talk to everybody as opposed to just keeping it within the council or keeping it within the small AHAHA community that’s at BC,” Mejia said. “Our staff has done a great job of reaching out.”
They also added the casino theme to entice students who have attended the event in the past and may think that the next boat cruise would be more of the same.

“Traditionally, the Boat Cruise is just dinner, dancing, and a way for BC students to interact and get to know each other, but we wanted to add in something that was new,” Pyfrom said.

The boat will have three floors: on the top floor will be the photo booth, a trademark activity for the boat cruise. On the middle floor will be a large dance floor with music provided by BC’s own DJ Ides. The bottom floor will have “a fully staffed casino with 12 tables of games,” Pyfrom said.

“It’s just something different that they can have fun with, and it’s also us still trying to reach a higher standard every year [for the cruise],” Mejia said.

In addition to the theme, new security measures will be implemented this year to prevent complications that have occurred in the past as a result of students being intoxicated when they arrive at the boat.

“In the past, we’ve had a lot of run-ins with the boat being delayed because of having issues with students that are too intoxicated to get on,” Mejia said. “We’re essentially trying to be a lot more strict this year in order to be able to make the event still run smoothly and be fun for everybody else. We’re tightening up our grip a little bit in terms of who’s going to be able to get on and who’s not going to be able to get on.”
This year, every student will have to go through a coat, boot, and purse check before boarding the bus that will take them to the dock. The programming department wants to ensure that students act responsibly and do not put the boat cruise at risk of being cancelled in future years due to inappropriate behavior.

“Similarly to the way the concert was cancelled last year, if things like that happen, if we continue to have problems, we run the risk of getting our event taken away from us, and obviously that’s not something we would want,” Mejia said. “That’s part of the reason that, on our end, we’re trying to tighten things up, so the administration knows that we really care about this event, and it’s not something we want to risk losing.”
In addition, Mejia and Pyfrom want the students to represent BC well.

“Any event that any student organization puts on for Boston College students is a reflection of the student body, and what it means to be a BC student,” Pyfrom said. “So it’s really important to us that the students who attend our event act accordingly, act like they understand what it means to be a part of such a prestigious university like Boston College.”

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