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Caucus a welcome step toward long-term change

The Heights asks potential UGBC presidential candidates to retain the strong ideas of former admins

Published: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


The Heights commends the effort of the UGBC in overseeing the formation of a UGBC Policy Caucus. We believe the Policy Caucus is a fantastic idea that will ensure that ideas brought in every year by new administrations will not be neglected. The rapid but necessary turnover of officers within the student government often leaves long-term plans, such as projects involving changes within BC Dining, only partially accomplished before the next administration comes in and begins implementing its own ideas.
While we recognize that new officers want to leave their own impression on the student body via some sort of positive change, their ambitions often result in equally-as-valuable initiatives from former officers falling by the wayside. The Heights believes that the UGBC Policy Caucus will provide officers with a vehicle to ensure their plans are not, and will ultimately result in a better-off student body.
The Heights would also like to remind future UGBC Cabinet presidential candidates that the mark of a great leader is not always coming up with a bold, new plan for change but also in continuing on the plans that were not fully achieved by past officers. Attention to the wants of the student body, old and new, is what distinguishes a leader as great.

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