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Cheer passionately, but be mindful of the words you choose

In light of York's letter, The Heights asks students to re-examine cheering on a national stage

Published: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


In a Letter to the Editor published in this issue, Boston College men’s hockey coach Jerry York addressed the issue of our school’s cheering section at hockey games. He commented on the fact that we as students, are a strong representation of the University. While he and the team fully appreciate the energy at Kelley Rink, York also challenged the student body to use its talents in the right way by avoiding the use of offensive and immature cheers. It is students’ responsibility to be proud of our athletic program. We must remember, however, to do so in an appropriate manner. Especially in terms of men’s hockey, BC sets the standard as the nation’s top team. This applies not only to our athletes on the ice, but also to the fans in the stands.
The Heights is in full support of York’s statements. It is BC’s responsibility as a student body to promote and abide by a higher standard of character. BC must set an example for our opposing teams, rather than contribute to the childish nature that can occur at times in the stands. Current students can create a tradition for how future Superfans support their teams.
BC hockey, especially with the current NHL lockout, will be at the forefront for hockey fans everywhere. As the reigning national champions, the University will be in the spotlight, and transcend beyond just the student body. Alumni are proud to bring their families to their alma mater’s biggest spectator sport. Families from the Boston and New England area, too, are proud of their local team’s success and will continue to support BC as well. Students have a duty to respect those fans, as well as our opponents. Cheer passionately, and cheer creatively, but be mindful of the words you choose. Represent yourself and your school in the best manner possible.
The Heights therefore agrees with York in advising the student body to be creative with cheers, but at the same time, to not go against the Jesuit attitude by which our school is determined to abide. BC is called to represent the ideal of men and women for others, and any offensive cheering would be counterintuitive to that effort. Do not stoop down to the level of opposing fans either. BC will do its talking on the ice in our attempt for a second straight title on the Heights.

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