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Club Sports Alums Discuss Their Athletic Experiences

Alumni Speak About Applying Experience To Professional World

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Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 25, 2013 02:02

Club Sports Alums Discuss Their Athletic Experiences

Graham Beck // Heights Editor

Four years ago, the Clubs Sports Council was formed as a student governing body to organize the various club sports teams, to advocate for them, and, as of two years ago, to distribute the University’s funding among the different teams. On Friday, the council hosted their second annual leadership dinner, in which they invited back recent graduates of the club sports program to discuss their experiences, both within the program and in their careers since graduation.

“Our goal as a council is to prepare these students to become leaders,” said Jane Stanton, treasurer of the Club Sports Council and LSOE ’13. “The main point of this [dinner] is to emphasize to the younger students that we want them to be our next leaders. Part of this is to thank and honor the officers that we have, but also to ignite something in these younger students.”
During the dinner, Stanton directed a range of questions to the four panelists, who each participated in a different sport during their time at Boston College. One of the originators of the council, Tim Fisher, BC ’09, spoke about what went into creating the council.

“SOFC was not the most effective way of allocating funding,” Fisher said. “Over the last half of my senior year, there was a group of 10 of us that met every week and we ended up drafting a constitution. By the end of my senior year, we had a ratifying vote with all of the club presidents to create the Club Sports Council.”
While the process was mainly driven by seniors, Fisher emphasized the importance of getting underclassmen involved. Steve Sypek, BC ’12, built on this by explaining the leadership structure of the club hockey team, in which the president is always a junior.

“You weren’t all alone [as the president]—you had a senior leader to answer questions for you,” Sypek said. “This was something I learned a lot from.”
Another area in which the panelists shared some advice was in the financial aspects of running a club sports team. Since the Club Sports Council is unable to offer enough funding to defray the entire cost of operation for any team, one of the aspects of running a team is the collection of dues. Sarah Hatton, BC ’10 and GA&S ’12, spoke about her time as the treasurer of the women’s rugby team.

In addition to relaying their experiences playing club sports at BC, the panelists also talked about the role those experiences played in their professional lives. They all spoke about their current jobs and discussed the paths they took to get them.

“One of the things that being a club sports officer taught me was the level of dedication that is needed to be successful,” Fisher said. “[Being the captain of the men’s ultimate team] was a full-time job. It taught me the level in which I needed to be on top of my stuff to be successful. I took that experience from club sports to the working world.”
“[Club sports] came up in almost every interview I had,” Sypek said. “A lot of times they asked, ‘What challenges have you faced?’ Club sports was my answer every time. It is an experience in college that not everyone gets. It impresses a lot of employers too.”

For all of the panelists, their experience as a club sport athlete was a defining part of their time at BC and they reinforced that importance to the current athletes attending.

“I want to encourage everyone to get involved in leadership because that has been something that has helped me in my life post-graduation,” Hatton said.

“I think it’s really great to come back and talk to everyone about the things that I learned from being on a club sports team that, at the time, I was not aware of,” said Lucy Huber, BC ’11. “There is a lot that I use in my career everyday that I picked up while being on club sports and being an officer.”

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