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Computer Science Society Reboots

The Society Has Revamped Its Direction In The Hopes Of Increasing Student Interest

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Published: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

The Computer Science Society of Boston College, formerly known as the BC Association for Computing Machinery, has undergone massive reconstruction over the past several years, reviving their club and changing its direction. Their efforts include creating a website known as BC Skills, which serves as a portal to connect students and encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation on projects such as start-up companies.

The club’s most notable achievement over the past year has been the creation of BC Skills. The website was launched last spring, and is constantly evolving.

“It’s a community effort,” said Matt Ricketson, president of the Computer Science Society and A&S ’13. BC Skills is the result of diligent work and the combination of ideas from many club members.

“[BC Skills] is a website aimed to make it easier for BC students interested in working on independent projects or starting companies to connect with each other and form teams,” Ricketson said.

The club is proud of the progress and success that has occurred over the past several years. “We’ve even had one student who has gotten a job through the site,” he said. “He listed himself on the website, and a BC alumni checking out the site saw him, liked his credentials, and he worked at their start-up all summer.”
To get involved in BC Skills, students can go to, create an account, and write a profile highlighting their “skills, interests, and background.” This is a new kind of social networking, and with close to 50 people already signed up, the club is “exponentially growing,” Ricketson said. Contact information of other members is clear and accessible, making the process of connecting with other students more enjoyable. “When you are able to get students in the same room, have them meet each other, the sparks start flying, and people are able to start some cool projects,” Ricketson said.

The club is eager for new members to join. “We want to stress that our club and BC Skills is not just for computer science majors,” Ricketson said. “It is for anybody with valuable skills and a passion to work on projects with other people.”
Their club is continually expanding its horizons with members ranging from business students to art students. This gives students with various experiences the opportunity to contribute their knowledge in business, technology, and design in order to compose any type of project they have an interest in.

The club plans to host 12 events this semester, doubling the amount they held last school year. These events are arranged and run by the eight members of the executive board.

“Anybody who is interested can attend these events,” Ricketson said. In order to be informed of these events, students can sign up for the club’s mailing list. Some events include guest speakers, workshops, and trips for recruitment. In addition to these events, the club is partnering with BC Venture Competition, a program run by CSOM, where teams of students form a company and compete in a business plan competition.

“We are trying to use BC Skills as a way for these teams to organize themselves and recruit new people,” he said.

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