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Corbet Preaches 'Investing In Other Women'

Brigid Wright

Published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

On Mar. 27, the Council for Women of Boston College, along with Boston College Smart Women Securities (SWS), co-sponsored a lecture by Kathleen A. Corbet, BC ’82. The talk, titled “The Unconventional Path to Achieving Financial Health and Empowerment,” discussed Corbet’s journey in the business world. Corbet emphasized her “path less traveled” as she explained her transition from a 25-year career in finance, to non-profit work, entrepreneurship, and more.

The Council for Women, founded in 2002, is an organization of alumni who work to increase women’s involvement in University life. The council of 136 female graduates works closely with current students and other alumnae to provide powerful and inspiring female role models and provide opportunities to get involved.

SWS is a program for female students of any major at BC that works to provide insight in regard to current and future personal finances. Through their Seminar Series, they provide opportunities for students to learn more about personal investments and support a community of financially self-sufficient women.

These two organizations brought Corbet to BC to share her insight on financial health. Corbet spent a large portion of her career in financial consulting as the CEO of Alliance Capital London, EVP and CEO of the Fixed Income Division of AllianceBernstein, and now as the founder and principal of Cross Ridge Capital, LLC. She also works avidly with a variety of non-profit organizations, including ProMujer on the Board of Directors, New Canaan Community Foundation as acting CFO, and has a place on BC’s Board of Trustees.

Corbet modeled her talk to be specific to women entering the business world in order to help them make healthy financial decisions from right out of college to later in their careers.

Corbet’s lecture centered around three points of investment: “Investing in yourself, investing in other women, and investing in your community,” saying that these investments “lead to greater empowerment and life fulfillment” for women, as modeled off of her own experiences in business and investing.

Corbet went into more detail about saving money for further education in an advanced degree, looking into life insurance early, and setting aside money for future investments right from the start of a career. She also provided statistics to explain her recommendation of “investing in other women,” and noted that businesses with more women on their board tend to be more successful.

Corbet went on to explain her motives for investing in her community, as she explained her experience running for Town Treasurer in New Canaan, Conn. She spoke of how, although she lost, the experience represented to her town the importance of trying, and helped build confidence for other community members.

During her question-and-answer period, she advised the group against investing in friends without doing research and encouraged confidence, as that is women’s biggest hindrance in the business world. She spoke about her children, and how she managed to balance her work life and her family through communication with her husband and give-and-take. Corbet conveyed herself as the ideal role model through her positive words about the future of women in business.

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