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Dancing Unifies Student Leaders

Heights Staff

Published: Sunday, November 4, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


NatalieBlardony / Heights Staff

Last Friday, the Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA) partnered with UGBC’s UNITY to host the fourth annual Dancing with the Scholars event. The event is designed to connect student leaders with accomplished members of student dance groups, who practice and then compete against other pairs in front of judges and the audience. The contestants used all types of music genres and dance styles for a wide cultural representation.

This year, Dancing with the Scholars made audience participation a priority, allowing them to vote for a congeniality couple at the end of the competition, and even offering a chance for an audience member to perform with a dancer. And in honor of the Cape Verdean tradition, this year couples were credited extra points by the judges for incorporating a Cape Verdean song into their routine.

Stephanie Ng, UNITY co-director for UGBC and CSOM ’15, explained how Dancing with the Scholars helps bring together the Boston College community. “It is a great way to get various student leaders together and for dance groups to show off their moves,” Ng said. “It gets students from different organizations to come out to one event and cheer on their friends.”

The event began with an introduction of the judges, all of whom were involved with the event in some way when it was first created, and an acoustic performance from two members of the Bostonians. Student organizations and dance groups were also widely represented during the competition, featuring dancers from Masti, UpRising, Fuego, Synergy, and Irish Dance, and UGBC representatives, Halftime leaders, and members of the Student Admissions Program, among others.

The event, which has been being planned since July, required a great deal of collaboration. Because of the expansion of the event from when it began four years ago, more planning and involvement from various groups was required. More student groups have been incorporated into the show since it first began, and its popularity has grown dramatically. Courtney Lawrence, UNITY co-director and A&S ’15, explained the extensive work it took to run such a large event.

“From booking the location of the event to contacting the contestants, there was a lot of teamwork involved between my co-director [Ng] and Rayana Grace and Emily Veiga,” Lawrence said. “Although planning this event was hard work, it was a lot of fun working with the CVSA presidents.”

Nick Zwolinski, member of the Bostonians and A&S ’13, and Gabriela Meija, member of Fuego and A&S ’13, were the winners of the competition. Their energy and charisma made them stand out to the judges, but the commitment to the contest and enthusiasm from all the contestants contributed to the success of the show.

“The crowd sounded like they were having a great time too, and we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback,” Lawrence said.

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