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Fashion Forward

Winter Wardrobes Deserve Recognition

Heights Editor

Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

As I prepare to take a brief sabbatical from my time on The Heights—and literally from the Heights as well, for a semester in Sweden—I shall leave you fashionable readers with my ultimate Swedish winter wardrobe must-haves. These pieces would help complete the wardrobe of my dreams, so if anyone is looking to get me a going away present, feel free to select from the list below!

The basis for this list is definitely coats. I have somewhat of a serious chronic coat addiction. No matter how hard I try to kick the habit, with each new winter, I am hooked. Outer wear is a truly defining piece of an outfit, and sometimes can serve to be the highlight of the entire ensemble. My number one must-have coat for this winter is one that I will, sadly, probably not add to my closet. The piece that’s got me rationalizing that I don’t need any money in my bank account any time soon is a maroon biker coat from Zara, and it is sadly not the only coat I fell in love with at Zara this past weekend. The store is teeming with cool pieces, complete with leather touches, so be warned: Enter at your own risk.

My maroon biker coat, in my dreams at least, has a wool-based bodice, complemented by matching maroon leather sleeves. A long, exposed zipper cuts across the front, and is accented by zippered front pockets. It would be the perfect piece to layer over literally anything. Leaving this coat behind truly broke my heart, and I promise I will never forget it.

Next are head wraps. I have a big head, literally (and maybe figuratively too?), so hats and I don’t generally mix too well. But head wraps, on the other hand, keep your ears warm and are infinitely cuter. Etsy is a great source for these, where you can personally choose the color, width, and adornment. I own a grey head wrap with a rosette and a purple one with beaded accents. Now that my collection has begun to slowly form, I know I need more. Purple and gray, though neutral, do not seem to complement every outfit, so I would like to expand my collection. Additionally, I would not be opposed to adding some earmuffs into the mix. Yes, sometimes they seem like a silly choice, but a nice fluffy wool pair may be necessary to brave the harsh Swedish winter ahead—luckily, Goorin Bros. Hat Shop on Newbury Street has a lovely pair that I have my eye on.

Clearly, boots are next. I figure I will need a sturdy, weatherproof pair that are a tad less clunky than Wellies. In pursuit of the perfect boot for these purposes, I obviously turned to L.L. Bean. There they were, and they had my name written all over them. The Women’s 100th Anniversary Hunting Shoe. No fear, I will definitely not be doing any hunting in these boots—I am thinking more of biking around Sweden in the snow to and from classes. The boots are classic with a twist, in that they have the well-known and loved duck boot feel, but are extra tall, lace all the way up the length of the shin, and have a maroon sole. The black, 10-inch, shearling-lined option looks cozy as well.

My winter wardrobe would surely be lackluster without a little bit of sparkle. Like the glistening snow that will blanket my new Swedish home, I need some wardrobe pieces to match. Free People’s Reflected Moonlight Dress is just the thing I am looking for. I like it in the black, because it strikingly offsets the silver sparkles that creep from the hem slowly upward. Love is surely not too strong a word when describing this dress.

To ward off homesickness while abroad, I will keep the holiday spirit alive in my heart, and in my wardrobe. The best way to accomplish this goal, and to preserve my mental, physical, and emotional well-being, is with expensive pants, no? J.Crew’s Cafe Capri in Red Tartan screams holiday fun for your wardrobe. The wool tartan material will surely keep me warm and happy at the same time. It’s a win-win, really.

Lastly, for those long winter nights, I may require some new pajamas. Luckily, J.Crew has a pair! Their union suit (aka onesie pajamas for adults—sorry, no feet though!) is sure to keep me warm and make me feel wintery. And, if I ever decide to give skiing another try, they will make a perfect base layer. Just kidding, wouldn’t want to break both my legs while abroad.

My wish list is simple, clearly, so I don’t see why some might view these requests as excessive. So, Santa, if you are real, this is what I really want for Christmas this year, so get shopping!


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