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A Little Advice For Senior Year Housing Options

Heights Editor

Published: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

A Gabelli townhouse: the two-story mansion of Boston College dorms equipped with a washing machine and bay windows. Certainly an enviable housing option.

The “you want a townhouse, but want to be friends with someone who has a Mod” definitely rings true in my own life.

For everyone who’s sad they don’t live in a townhouse, I’m going to make you feel a little better. Here are the terrible things about living in a Gabelli townhouse, from yours truly, a townhouse resident. While these things may seem small, trust me, they’re trying, and make my townhouse experience almost unbearable.

My townhouse is on the fifth floor. Walking up the five flights of stairs after a long day of classes with a heavy backpack that sometimes makes me think I’m carrying a small child in it on my back is definitely not fun. What about when I forget my ID on my desk? Or my computer charger? Of course I realize this once I’m outside the dorm. And I have to turn back and walk up SIX more flights of stairs. Not five. Remember, I have that extra set in my room….

The dishwasher is so loud. It sounds like all our plates are being systematically broken inside as the dishwasher turns and turns and turns. Sure, I take them out and realize that they’re not only still intact, but also perfectly clean, but for the length of that cycle, the sound produced makes me want to smash my head against the wall.

The couches and chairs are pretty stiff and feel like they’ve been stuffed with nothing soft, but instead, newspaper. Maybe old Heights issues? They’re not comfortable to sleep on. During Hurricane Sandy day, I was excited to curl up on my couch and watch episodes of Homeland, but no, I couldn’t. My back just simply couldn’t handle it.

My room faces the back of Rubenstein into campus, not Comm. Ave. I’m lucky enough to have two large dumpsters outside my window. One would think with all of the technological developments that the Western world has seen in the past few decades, there would be a way to pick up garbage without making it sound like the world was violently coming to an end outside my window.

I’m here to tell you this is one area of technology that science has forgotten. Trash pick-up, which, by the way, happens multiple times a morning, makes me wake up to the jolting sounds of Biblical Revelation behind Gabelli. It’s impossible to ignore because my windows, up until three days ago, were constantly open for a little late night breeze to cool down the room.

Why were they open on the eve of winter? Because we don’t have control of the temperature in my room, despite the temperature controls. The powers that be systematically strip the Gabelli residents of control over their room temperature, so instead of melting to death in my walk-in closet, I had to open the windows. Hence letting the apocalypse echo throughout my townhouse during trash pick-up.

Well, now that I’ve vented here, maybe these problems aren’t so big. Some people live in Edmond’s….


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