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An Exclusive Interview With Baldwin Eagle

Features Editor

Published: Monday, January 28, 2013

Updated: Monday, January 28, 2013 00:01

In 1961, Boston College received its first live mascot. It was an eagle called Margo, a name cleverly derived from our school colors, maroon and gold. After the species became endangered, BC decided to welcome our very own Baldwin to be the figure of energy and school spirit at the athletic events. Now, while still preserving our favorite Eagle’s identity, we take a glimpse into the life of the ultimate Superfan.

The Heights: What are the most important qualities of being a successful mascot?

Baldwin: One of the phrases that we have is that Baldwin is the big man on campus. He’s a very popular guy—he’s got to be outgoing, gregarious, loves people, loves to make people laugh. He can never show sign of defeat—even if we lose, Baldwin’s still happy. I always appreciate the other teams for coming out to play. Being spirited is definitely a major part, and good sportsmanship as well. And also, an insurmountable amount of swag. Swag is a key part.

The Heights: How does it feel to be considered a celebrity on campus?

Baldwin: It is pretty cool to be able to go on Facebook and see people tagging pictures of Baldwin. I think it’s pretty cool how people, especially seniors, you always hear them say, “Oh you know, it’s on my bucket list to get a picture with Baldwin,” so to give them that is pretty cool.

The Heights: Are there specific requirements you have during tryouts?

Baldwin: Anybody can try out. We are willing to accept all shapes and sizes and ages. When we hold tryouts, skating is definitely a quality to have. But it’s not a quality we require at all. We take people who aren’t skaters as well.

The Heights: What is a favorite moment or game that you’ve experienced during your time as Baldwin?

Baldwin: One of my absolute favorite games to work at as Baldwin was the Beanpot championship last year. That was absolutely a lot of fun—I had never worked at Beanpot before. It was really cool being out on the ice with the team, and afterwards with the media—it was just really great. It was great to see the school turn out en masse to support the hockey team, and what’s obviously a big tournament for the city of Boston and Boston College. This was also the first year it ever happened that Baldwin led the hockey team out for the game against BU. Baldwin had never done that before, so we’re trying to start that tradition for our hockey games now, which would be kind of cool. That’s our first game against BU—obviously it’s our biggest game of the year. This year’s senior day was also great—just the opportunity to be out there, seeing all your friends in the stands, listening to the band, messing with the cheerleaders. It’s pretty special.

The Heights: If you could request a song for the band to play that they have not yet performed, what would it be?

Baldwin: I personally would love to hear “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. I think if they put that together, it would be pretty special. It’s kind of hard to pay attention to a lot of the songs because we’re always running around. This might be a little too inappropriate to play, but I also would love to hear “Whistle” by Flo Rida. I think I’d enjoy that one—that would be a good one to dance to. I’d like to also hear—again, it might be inappropriate—“Get Low.” To the window, to the wall, to the sweat drop down my wings. I’ve always wanted to see that.

The Heights: How about your favorite song that the band currently plays?

Baldwin: “I want you back.” That is one of my favorites. I’d also have to say the Coldplay song, “Viva La Vida.” And “Shipping Up To Boston”—when you hear it, you get something injected in you. And in the true spirit of BC, of course, my real favorite is the fight song. That goes without saying.

The Heights: What are your favorite parts of being Baldwin, and what are the more difficult parts of the job?

Baldwin: I’d say a favorite part is definitely high-fiving little nugget children. That is definitely the most rewarding part of being Baldwin. Seeing little kids smiling and laughing, messing with them. The great one is when they are kind of scared of you at first, and then you try to win them over by waving at them and acting all goofy, and then they fall in love with you. I’ve had a ton of little kids come up and hug me and tell me that they miss me. It’s really just adorable. It’s really great to see and just fun to interact with everyone. It really wouldn’t be the same being Baldwin if we didn’t have all the fans to come out and support us each and every game. I also really enjoy doing the stunts with the cheerleaders, but I also feel the most pressure when doing them. There’s a lot of pressure when you get up on that pyramid.

Hardest part? Crying children. That does get awkward. Also, giving autographs. It’s hard to hold the pen with wings. Also, early football games—it gets hot out there. Obviously Baldwin is the Superfan, the one everyone looks to, but it is a little bit tough not being able to watch each and every game with friends and be a part of the crowd. It’s definitely hard to devote yourself just to the fans and not just to the game.

The Heights: How do you manage the time commitment as Baldwin?

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