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Bostonians Host Halloween A Cappella Show

Heights Staff

Published: Monday, November 4, 2013

Updated: Monday, November 4, 2013 18:11

Bostonians Halloween Invitational

Emily Stansky / Heights Editor

The Bostonians hosted the festive Halloween Invitational in McGuinn last Friday night featuring the BU Treblemakers and BC Shaan. The show ran a little over an hour. The Bostonians bracketed the show with three song sets with BC Shaan and the BU Treblemakers performing in between. The show felt like Halloween—not a spooky, genuinely frightening Halloween, but a good natured, lively one.

The Bostonians used the show to debut some of its newer members, and that was evident with its first song of the night, when Paul Wagenseller, A&S ’16, strutted to the mic in some sort of Inspector Gadget costume and rolled into a rendition of Earth, Wind, & Fire's “September." Wagenseller’s smooth falsetto matched an overall smooth persona. “September” lacked some of the echoing firepower of songs later in the show, but as a light, engaging opening the Bostonians could not have done much better. The Bostonians followed with a more measured take on Adele’s “Skyfall.” Whereas Adele’s original version is more of a declaration or challenge, Emma West, A&S ’16, led a quieter rendition, eluding the obvious fact that the sky falling may not be such a good thing. The Bostonians closed their first set with a medley of Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Sarah Bareilles’s “Brave.” Here were the fireworks as Keely Bartram, A&S ’16, unleashed the night’s biggest set of pipes.

BC Shaan took the stage next. What BC Shaan lacked in pure size, it made up for with quick, looping lullabies that seemed to mesmorize the audience. BC Shaan brought a unique sound, a mix of traditional South Asian rhythms with more popular music. BC’s newest a capella group started with two traditional tunes before closing with one of the more exciting arrangements of the night, a medley of Kanye West’s “Heartless” and a traditional South Asian tune “Udi.” Soloists Kiran Mani, A&S ’15, and Priyasha Chaturvedi, A&S ’14, alternated as the medley flipped tunes after each verse. While such a structure might have become jarring, the medley worked because the transition between the two distinct yet similar melodies was so smooth.

At this point halfway through the show the BU Treblemakers shuffled on stage dressed as hippies. They opened with a loose, lively rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Pretty Young Thing.” It may have been too loose. The BU Treblemakers were the show’s largest group and did not seem to be completely in sync here. Kayla Jo Pichichero, BU ’16, then silenced the usually excitable crowd with Ingrid Michaelson’s “Turn to Stone.” No one moved. Some in the crowd may not have been breathing. The formerly loose Treblemakers took on an almost somber note as the arrangement flowed between the group’s harmony and Pichichero’s detached solo. They even added a cherry to this treat by layering in the refrain to Coldplay’s “Fix You” toward the end of the song. Their next song was a bit livelier but just as good. Kevin Hupp, BU ’16, and Kellan Reck, BU ’14, led a medley of Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago” and Coldplay’s “Clocks.” The two songs went together like one distinct track. The BU Treblemakers closed with Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” which ran a tad long and lacked the spark of the previous two. The BU Treblemakers exited the stage to generous, enthusiastic applause.

The Bostonians then returned to the stage for the show’s final set. They started with a fun summer jam medley of “Holy Grail,” “Blurred Lines,” “Get Lucky,” and “We Can’t Stop.” They followed it up with a slower medley of Frank Ocean hits performed by Sam Park, A&S ’16. Both medleys showed off the group’s versatility. The Bostonians capped off the night by taking a page from Pitch Perfect with “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. Soloist Haley Paret, CSON ’15, exuded the smooth swagger the song demands, sending the now-spirited audience into the night.

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