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Editor's Column: Making every moment count

Published: Sunday, January 27, 2013

Updated: Sunday, January 27, 2013 22:01

Two weeks. That’s how long we have been back at Boston College so far, and it already feels as though a month has passed by since I was in the comfort of my own home, taking the term “couch potato” to a level I didn’t know existed. For me, syllabus week was nonexistent—I was immediately inundated with readings and written responses, a stark contrast to the days when my biggest concern was remembering to take the remote with me before I allowed myself to disappear into fluffy pillows and cashmere blankets. Other students around me have echoed my sentiments, already initiating the count down to Spring Break. “One down, six more weeks to go!” is something I have heard several times, which makes me somewhat concerned for what has become of our student body.

How can we already be counting down the days until we get to leave this campus, when we have only just arrived? It already terrifies me that I am a second semester sophomore, and after recently turning 20, one of my roommates kindly reminded me that I am now moving on to my third decade of life. It made me realize how much every moment matters, because soon enough I will have to leave this home away from home and actually be a real person.

Last semester, I was convinced that I would take advantage of every day, and not allow my studies to hinder my attempts to have more fun. I currently live in 66, and the first week of September a couple of friends and I decided to make a list of everything we wanted to do together during our sophomore year: our “66 Shenanigans.” We were eager to compile a list of all the possibilities, and we were sure that it would be the best semester yet.

Fast forward to December, and it turns out that we had completed a grand total of three of our ambitious list of activities. Okay, maybe it was an unrealistic dream to have executed 66 super fun and exciting plans for the year, but nonetheless, I was still disappointed. Over three months living in a city where there is literally an endless supply of adventures, and we only managed to do three of these things together?

After returning to BC a few weeks ago, and returning back to that list, I once again promised myself to make more of an effort to make those plans a reality. To aid this process, I took it upon myself to place a 2013 jar on my desk, accessible to my other two roommates as well as anyone else who wishes to contribute. The idea did not originate from my brain—even better, it came from Pinterest. Side note: I may or may not make at least one reference to Pinterest in every one of my columns this year. We have a very intimate relationship.

The concept involves writing down fond memories, significant moments, or just things that make you smile, and placing these notes in the jar. At the end of the year, you and your friends can read through all of the notes and reminisce together, and hopefully you will be able to realize how amazing of a year it was. I loved the idea immediately—and what a great form of motivation to get off campus and fulfill our 66 Shenanigans!

It may be a small step, but having some way to keep track of your goals could make the difference between a semester blurred from hours spent in O’Neill and a semester marked by unforgettable evenings in Boston or even just memorable nights spent with friends sharing stories and Chinese takeout.

As I started writing this column, I considered deleting every word and composing something that sounded more realistic. Am I really going to make more of an effort not to get sucked into the vortex of essays and Blackboard posts, or will my second semester pass by at an incredible speed, ending in a flurry of “could haves” and “should haves?” However, I have always been a proponent for the written word—things in writing just seem to have more significance. It’s as though I’m making a promise to all of you that I will be working on that list, and that jar will be so full of incredible stories that I’ll want to relive the year over again. Whether or not you choose to make your own list, try not to wish the hours away. Take a look at what’s happening in the arts scene, go to a lecture from a notable professor, or scope out the best restaurants in the area. There are just too many opportunities to pass up.

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