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Hook-up Culture Makes Students Reluctant To Play The Dating Game

For The Heights

Published: Monday, February 4, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 4, 2013 01:02

"Dating at BC is like a bell curve, and it has an inverse relationship to the hookup culture," said Stephen Sullivan, A&S ’13. "Freshman year, everyone hooks up with everyone. Then we grow and mature in our sophomore and part of junior year, before going abroad. After that, people start searching for their ‘senior five,’ and stop looking for relationships. I wish more people wanted to explore the dating culture at BC because you never know what it will bring. Students need to learn, grown, and mature because it will only get harder after college. Why not practice and have some fun along the way?" Andrew Lee, A&S ’16, added, "Regardless of whether or not a date or a relationship goes well, everything happens for a reason, and you can learn something from any relationship."

Explaining the BC dating scene in a similar fashion, Leah Buckley, A&S ’15, said, "I think people feel more stable dating sophomore or junior year because they already feel a sense of stability at BC. Most freshmen probably want to try to experience college without being tied down. I also think seniors get nervous to date because they’re transitioning out of BC and they don’t know what will happen after graduation."

At a campus as large as BC’s, it seems reasonable that people have different perceptions and opinions on the dating culture. Veronica Glennon, A&S ’15, commented, "Everyone should take time as a freshman to explore the DFMO [dance floor make out] random hookup in the mods, but you can’t depend on the DFMO for all four years." On the other hand, Jenny Jung, A&S ’16, said, "The BC atmosphere definitely encourages casual hookups over relationships. It kind of  sucks, especially when casual hooking up is not your thing. But the nice thing about Valentine’s Day is that it reminds everyone of how nice healthy relationships are."

Dating in college is possible and if you would like to go out on a date with someone, ask them out! It does not have to be fancy—keep it casual. As Rory O’Donnell, CSON ’15, said, "I want to date you, not marry you!"



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