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On-Campus Quirks: The Midday Crazed Flock At The Tuscan Chicken Line

Published: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

Why do Boston College students wait in a 25-minute line to devour the golden pleasure of a Tuscan Chicken sandwich on a white baguette? The deli line, the salad line, and the panini line are free of people, ready for the instant gratification of food in a minute. What strikes some as preposterous, waiting endlessly in this seemingly never-ending line of nest specialties, makes perfect sense to most students. The crispy white baguette, the juicy chicken, and the fresh mozzarella all combine to create a perfect sandwich. The same amount of employees toss salads as do make the nest specialty sandwiches, but surprisingly the specialty line, on average, takes about 20 minutes at a moderate rush time. So why is it that people step into this out-of-control line to get that one delectable sandwich they have been craving all day? Well, simply, because it is the best.

Students at BC are always on a time crunch, always moving from one destination to the other. Their quick break takes place when lunchtime comes around, which is smack dab in the middle of philosophy and Spanish. The tables are all full, their stomachs are rumbling, and their friends have gotten their food at least 10 minutes ago, but they stick it out and wait until they come up to the two very humorous ladies who are fully enjoying their work time. When I mean fully enjoying, I mean completely, utterly, loving their time at Eagle’s Nest. These specialty sandwich professionals are laughing, cracking jokes, and creating sass with the students and other workers. These women know how to get through their workday, a lifelong trait other workers in any field should try to inherit.

Once the great concoction is in hand, one witnesses these students run directly to the least crowded register in the place, trying to save as many seconds they can before their next classes. The cashier already knows these individuals by name, as all of them are regulars at Eagle’s Nest. Rushing to the seat next to their friends, who have already finished their lunches, they dive right into their meals to find an unexpected rush of pleasure at how worth it that enormous line actually was.

When asked about working behind the specialties counter, one employee said that she wholeheartedly enjoys being in the most popular line at Eagle’s. "It’s like the popular kids at high school all flock to me to hear the funny story of the day. I am like the queen bee of Eagle’s Nest." In the end, this is true. The majority of profits at Eagle’s Nest come from the sandwiches, namely the Tuscan Chicken. When Eagle’s Nest shut down the specialties line the day after Hurricane Sandy hit Chestnut Hill, the deli station opened its welcoming arms to the Tuscan Chicken and allowed students to still gratify their cravings with this one popular sandwich.

This sandwich, though, is not for the health nut. The much more health-conscious individual would order the West Coast Chicken. Each Tuscan Chicken surpasses 760 calories per sandwich, while the West Coast Chicken starts roughly at 500 calories. BC takes their sandwiches very seriously, vowing to never do away with this classic until the last student stops requesting it to be made. In all seriousness, though, Eagle’s Nest has been a stable lunch area for BC students that will never cease to charm the incoming freshman and humor the savvy seniors. The Nest Specialty line will never have less than six people in front of each student and the Tuscan Chicken, despite all the facts, will never cease to be BC’s favorite sandwich.

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