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Ten things to be thankful for on the Boston College campus

Features Editor

Published: Sunday, November 20, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

Oftentimes, in the hustle and bustle of getting back and forth from class to club meetings to the Plex or to events, it's easy for Boston College students to neglect to stop and smell the many roses around the BC campus. In honor of Thanksgiving, we've gone ahead and made that process easier for you and picked out 10 things on the Heights that we think are particularly worthy of that extra second of browsing that you might otherwise devote to browsing on Facebook.      


10. Lower Campus Bookstore

What? There's a bookstore on Lower? Surely enough, there is. Situated in the middle of Maloney Hall and the Boston College Police Station (yes, there's one of those too—hopefully, you're not too familiar with it), is a smaller, abridged bookstore, containing a similar variety of materials you can find in its larger McElroy counterpart. So for those who want to make a BC-themed shopping trip with half the temptation, or who simply don't feel like trudging up the Million Dollar Steps to McElroy Commons, make a stop at this location.

9. Gasson Hall

The newly renovated Gasson Hall was the squawking of the nest when Eagles, both old and new, flocked back to campus this fall and deservedly so—the building has never looked more beautiful. It may seem weird to place Gasson on this list, as a number of students inhabit the building on a daily basis for classes, but while the exterior has undergone quite the Extreme Makeover: Boston College Edition overhaul, its interior still boasts quite the potential for aesthetic gratification. Usually, it's not the smartest move to judge a book by its cover, but in the case of Gasson, that might just be the way to go.

8. Maloney Hall

As the building formerly known as 21 Campanella Way, Maloney Hall is just slowly starting to become a recognized moniker on the Heights. While commuting from Lower Campus to Middle Campus, many travel through Maloney, but unless they're stopping to meet with a professor or spending time on the second floor where various registered student organizations have made a home away from home, they might not spend too much time here and thus, miss out on the things it has to offer. (Open 24 hours—can anyone say study spot?) Hillside doesn't count.

7. Career Center

Across the street from White Mountain Creamy, Dunkin Donuts, and Flat Breads Cafe, is a small little house with a large amount of resources. Seniors, this might not apply to you, as, depending on your career aspirations and general forecasted life trajectory, you could be spending more time here than in Mary Ann's. But for underclassmen, this might be a place shrouded in mystery. The Career Center house looks straight out of a fairytale and it'd probably be good to skip down Commonwealth Ave, picnic basket full of resumes in hand, and stop on in.

6. Linden Lane

Newtonites and graduates know this beautiful strip intimately, the first group because of the mass exodus from the Newton Campus bus at main gate to get to classes, and the second for commencement exercises. On one side you have St. Mary's Chapel and on the other you have Bapst Library, two landmarks on the BC campus. During the fall, Linden Lane is especially beautiful, with the ground littered with orange, brown, and red leaves. At the end is of course the statue with the golden eagle on top, a quintessential image for the University.

5. Reservoir

Bugs and runners populate this expanse of water enclosed by a narrow strip of asphalt circling the entirety of the reservoir. When the weather's nice (and even sometimes, for some people, when it's not), running is a common thing to do around the affectionately referred to "Res," but if a walk is in order, the Reservoir provides the perfect scenery for a subtly therapeutic stroll. Sitting on a bench and relaxing is an option as well.

4. Brighton Campus

With enough green to rival the Hundred Acre Forest, Brighton Campus is one of BC's best-kept non-secrets. There, but not there, Brighton Campus's small, but significant enough, distance often shies students away from its premises. Groups have been known to hold scavenger hunts and field days, and Brighton Campus is certainly a place for it. It's also home to a number of buildings that have a rich history etched deep into their walls.

3. Mcmullen Museum

The McMullen Museum plays host to a myriad of exhibits, which alternate every semester. The rich artwork on display is a showcase of talent from artists of varying backgrounds and interests.


2. Memorial Labyrinth

A relatively new addition to the campus, the Labyrinth was created in 2003 in remembrance of the victims of the events of Sept. 11. It is located  next to Bapst and provides a sense of serenity for those who choose to walk its path.


1. Newton Campus

Unless you're a law student or a freshman not living on Upper Campus, you've probably only heard of Newton Campus in storybooks. Yet, not only is the campus itself a beautiful sight to see, but also its proximity to Newton Center makes it a location worth exploration

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