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The On Campus Housing Guide

Features Editor and Asst. Features Editor

Published: Monday, February 28, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

Rating: 7/10


The Gate

As if it isn't obvious by its immaculate appearance, both inside and out, the Gate is the newest addition to residential life at Boston College. Located right at the edge of campus, the Gate houses juniors and seniors in spacious six-mans and eight-mans that put Walsh and Vandy to shame. For the contemplative type, the Gate has the standard study lounges, which are actually far above standard in terms of aesthetics and lighting, as well as small reflection rooms on each floor, which are prime locations for studying and relaxing. On the weekends, however, the mood transforms into something much more exciting and upbeat. Due to the large constituency of residents of legal age, the Gate is a wet dorm that allows for registered parties. If some deem the social scene to be lacking, which is unlikely, there are two quick exits, one basically leading into the Mods, and the other leading in the direction of Commonwealth Ave.

            If the nearby Corcoran Commons does not whet the appetites of Gate residents, White Mountain, El Pelon Taqueria, City Convenience, Dunkin Donuts, or Crazy Dough's will certainly do the job. Once they have satisfied their hunger, students can then take two steps to Campus Tan or the UPS Store, where they can send a package home to their parents, thanking them for allowing them to attend this fine institution and as a result, to live in the Gate.

Gabelli and Voute

Along with the Gate, Voute and Gabelli are the closest things to luxury living on the Boston College campus. The first thing you're bound to hear about Voute and Gabelli, aside from the mailroom in Voute, is the legendary townhouses in both halls. Totaling 17 in all, these townhouses are unique features of these halls, with each having two bedrooms, a full kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a full bath. For those with great pick times not wanting to deal with the atmosphere of the Mods, Voute and Gabelli are often first choices.

The walk to Voute and Gabelli is a trek, and stairs seem to be everywhere, but, other than that, there's not much negative to say about them. The inside of the two dorms are definitely nice and the lounges are large and comfortable, making them both perfectly accommodating to both partying and studying. The outside is just as nice as the inside and the proximity to the T (and thus, Dunkin Donuts, White Mountain, Bank of America, Flatbreads, and the Career Center) is certainly a plus. The potential for underclassmen traffic is just about non-existent, creating an air of borderline exclusivity that seems characteristic of the two dormitories. (Don't be surprised, underclassmen, if you feel slightly intimidated while walking around inside.). Still, there's no denying the beauty of Voute and Gabelli and for those individuals who are lucky enough to win the chance to take up residence in either hall, they're sure to have a pleasant living experience.

Rating 9/10

Edmonds Hall

Walk into Edmond's and there's a chance that you'll pass by a sophomore, a junior, and a senior – probably the only dormitory on campus that can claim such a distinction. While Edmond's may be a second choice resort for those unable to get eight-man suites or six-man suites, some prefer the comfortable four-man rooms equipped with kitchens that rival (some would say surpass) those in the Mods. One advantage and disadvantage of Edmond's is its relative distance from the rest of Lower Campus. Plexaholics will love its proximity to the gym and, for the most part, the noise of the weekends fall on deaf ears for its residents.

Still, some may dislike the walk to and from Corcoran Commons (not that it's a trip they'll be making often since Edmond's residents don't have meal plans). Reported rat infestations in past years on the first floor of the dorm lower its desirability, but recently, it seems the rodents have ceased their scurrying.  For those for whom appearance is particularly important, Edmond's interior disappoints, lacking the look of modernity such dorms as 90 and Vanderslice sport. However, what Edmond's lacks in show it makes up for in reliability. For instance, the elevators run relatively smoothly, which can't be said for every dorm on campus with one.  The layout of the rooms is nice and the beds are able to be lifted, which is even nicer. For simplicity,  comfort, and the chance to prepare delicious meals, Edmond's is the go-to dorm.

Rating: 7/10


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