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FIELD HOCKEY: Seniors Moorfield And Mackintire Reflect On Careers

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Published: Monday, October 29, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

The Boston College field hockey team has fought through a tough year, ending the regular season with an overall record of 10-8. The Eagles closed out regular season play with a victory over Wake Forest at home on Friday, which also served as the annual Senior Day game. It was a bittersweet affair highlighting the four-year careers of senior captains Kara Mackintire and Jacqui Moorfield.

“It’s really sad that it’s finishing,” Moorfield said.

Both Moorfield and Mackintire joined the team as freshmen. The two soon realized they would not have what they described as the “buffer period” that most freshmen experience.

“Our freshman year was really different from any other year,” Mackintire said. “We had a really small team with a lot of injuries. So it almost forced us to step up as freshmen. But I think it just made it better for the next couple of years.”

As two of only three freshmen, Mackintire felt that she and Moorfield had to step up quickly.

“I feel like we were never freshmen,” Mackintire said.

During their first season on the team, Mackintire played in 14 games, starting in four of them. Moorefield played and started in all 20 games as a freshman. Although they appreciated the experience and the chance to take on active roles on the field, they certainly felt the pressure.

“In some ways, it’s harder to come in playing. I know a lot of people really want that, but then when you come in you have a lot of pressure to learn the tactics,” Moorfield said. “But it really helped us over the next few years, ’cause we’d already been thrown in the deep end and survived.”

Over the past four seasons, the field hockey team has changed quite a bit, especially for its two captains. They are the only two seniors on the team and thus the only players that remain from their freshman year. The intermittent years have only improved for Moorfield and Mackintire, who look back on freshman year and remember being daunted when imagining the next four years.

“It was one of our first runs … [the conditioning trainer] was saying you have to go down and back and that’s one,” Mackintire remembered. “We were thinking, ‘Oh, we’ll probably do two or three of these,’ and then he goes, ‘You have eight of them.’”

“We just kind of looked at each other and were like, ‘We’re not surviving this,’ and it just got harder and harder every year,” Moorfield added.

As seasoned seniors, both Moorfield and Mackintire play the position of backs and have become central components to the team’s defense. Moorfield has played in 18 of the games so far. Mackintire, who was injured for part of the season, has played in 14.

In terms of skill, both feel as though they have improved over the years.

“[Moorfield] has an amazing hit out of the back field and from attack corners … sometimes she’ll hit the ball and it will pass every single line and go all the way up to the board line,” Mackintire said of her co-captain. “Which is really nice for us in the back because it allows us to have a break.”

“Kara has brought a lot with her hit and she’s got a really good over hit, which is something that’s improved every year,” Moorfield said. “Her fitness and speed are really good, which is something she brings to the team, especially in the off-season. It’s something to aspire to, and she’s a real leader with that.”

The Eagles, who are ranked No. 16 going into the ACC tournament on Thursday, consist of eight freshmen, seven sophomores, and five juniors, in addition to Moorfield and Mackintire. As team leaders, Moorfield and Mackintire value the team’s dedication and closeness, despite the large number of new players and underclassmen.

“We’re a really close-knit team this year … I think that really shows in the way we play,” Moorfield said. “We’re willing to work for each other on the field.”

Despite the team’s dedication, both captains feel their role as leaders has been especially important this season.

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