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FOOTBALL: Bates Dismisses Spaziani From BC

Program's Struggles Leads To Firing Of Four-Year Head Coach

Sports Editor

Published: Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Daniel Lee / Heights Editor

The offense has been through four offensive coordinators in the past three years, and it could see its fifth in four years if current offensive coordinator Doug Martin is not retained by the incoming head coach. Bates said that was a concern, but that a good head coach could make up for that instability.

“It’s always a concern,” Bates said. “Whenever you have a lack of continuity, then that presents a challenge for the next staff to try and connect the dots on that inconsistency in terms of scheme vocabulary. At the same time, if you get the right coach, and they can connect the dots, you’ve been exposed to multiple ways of viewing that football field that not everyone gets a chance to experience. I think the potential can be a great opportunity in the hands of a very talented coach.”

Concerning the current coaching staff and all of the assistants, Bates said as of right now they will play out their full contracts, but a new coach could come in and change that.

“They’re still employed by Boston College and will be so until the end of their contracts,” Bates said. “The new staff will have autonomy on who they would want to retain beyond the contracts’ expiration dates. I suspect there will be some that will stay on and some that will move on.”

No current assistant coach will be considered for the head coaching job, Bates said.

As far as the details of working out Spaziani’s contract, which has three years remaining on it, Bates would not go into the details of what a possible buyout might be, but said he’d do what is in the best interest of the students, the program, and the team.

Though Bates has only been the AD at BC for just over a month, he knew this was a decision he had to make, though it wasn’t about making his stamp on the athletic department and University.

“It’s not really about me,” Bates said. “It’s not about my stamp. This is about a football program that has a storied history and tradition. It’s about the players that have come here in the past and the level of achievement and standards that they have set for us to live by daily, and it’s about our current and future students that are in this program. I’m really a caretaker of the great things that have happened in the past of this program and hopefully a catalyst to returning to the high standards.”

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