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FOOTBALL: Players Energized By Addazio's Enthusiasm

Sports Editor

Published: Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Graham Beck/Heights Editor

The uncontainable energy, enthusiasm, and passion that overflowed in the Barber Room yesterday as Steve Addazio was announced as the new head football coach at Boston College was a welcome change for his newest players.

“I’m very excited to play for him,” said linebacker Steele Divitto. “[His passion] is something that’s very special and something I’ve always treasured in some former coaches I’ve had. I think when a head coach can bring that passion and that energy, everybody feeds off of it. People get excited to play for him, they get excited about the game. They get excited to play for each other. That’s one of the key components of winning football games.”

Addazio’s booming voice and back-and-forth movement throughout his introductory speech gave the players in attendance a glimpse of the coach he will be on the field and in the locker room.

“You can see that he cares a lot and he has a lot of passion,” said quarterback Chase Rettig. “He carries with himself a lot of enthusiasm.”

With the hiring of Addazio as the next football coach comes the fifth offensive coordinator for Rettig in his three-plus years at BC. Addazio announced at yesterday’s press conference that Ryan Day will be the new offensive coordinator for the Eagles. Day served in that same position under Addazio for one season at Temple, and before that, he spent five years as the wide receivers coach at BC.

That means Day and Rettig have a familiar relationship, as they overlapped for two seasons in Chestnut Hill.

“The only thing I can really say about that is when [Day] was here and I was here at the same time, he was a big supporter for me,” Rettig said. “We had a good relationship. Hopefully, I can meet with him tonight because obviously there’s a lot to be talked about.

“I’m kind of just in the fog right now with everything, I have to meet all these people. At least I know coach Day well.”

Addazio said he wasn’t too concerned about Rettig adjusting to yet another offensive coordinator, and thinks the talented quarterback will do well under Day.

“I think great players handle that fine,” Addazio said. “A lot of these concepts are the same. A curl flat is a curl flat. A corner route is a corner route, and I think with terminology we try to do the best we can to make that as easy a transition as we can. But, I think that players adapt. What is more important is that relationship and the teaching of the fundamentals.”

Rettig echoed Addazio’s hope that he’d be able to adjust to a new offensive game plan under Day, and said he was looking forward to another challenge.

“Nothing comes easy, it’s kind of like what coach Addazio was saying earlier—you don’t want to be a part of success that was easy to gain—it doesn’t really mean anything,” Rettig said. “Just got to move forward, build more relationships, face this adversity a little bit, and get through it, and have some success and it’ll be that much greater of a feeling when we get it.”

Last season at Temple, Day ran an offense that was heavily dependent on the run game, but Addazio said that was because of the personnel the Owls had, and that the type of offense Day will run at BC also depends on the personnel.

Rettig didn’t know much about Day’s offense at Temple this year, but trusted Addazio’s word that it would be a balance of both passing and running at BC next year.

“We could use a better running game for this year, and like he said, it creates balance,” Rettig said. “If we can pass the ball and run the ball it’ll be a good thing.”

While Rettig said he would miss 2012 offensive coordinator Doug Martin, who he had built a close relationship with, the two had met and had conversations about the possibility of Martin not being retained.

Entering a key offseason where relationships will be built, and Addazio will throw himself right into the swing of things, he vowed to make this offseason the toughest one BC has ever been through.

Divitto said he was looking forward to that challenge.

“That gets me very excited,” Divitto said. “I’ve always been a person who’s thought if you sacrifice and you stay patient, the more you do, the more successful you’re going to be. So, I was very excited for him to say that. I’m excited to buckle up and get ready for a tough offseason.”

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