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Fundamentals behind 'Senior Pass' strong

Despite their policy violation, The Heights encourages Senior Pass visionaries to continue

Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Earlier this year, seniors Anthony Russo, A&S ’13, and Michael Nardella, CSOM ’13, came up with the idea of  the “BC Senior Pass”—a pass for the class of 2013 that would serve as an all-inclusive ticket to events throughout the year, such as a booze cruise, a pub crawl, and a “Top of the Hub” event. This program was immediately popular with seniors, selling over 300 tickets—with a goal of 600—in a short period of time. Unfortunately, the Senior Pass has been cancelled due to a policy violation involving the use of Boston College’s name to market the initiative. Now, Russo and Nardella must refund all tickets sold under the name “BC Senior Pass.” They do, however have the option of re-booting the program under a different name.
While we understand where the University was coming from in terms of the use of their name on an unsanctioned event, we feel that the efforts made by Russo and Nardella to orchestrate this initiative were admirable. 
The Heights understands that this decision is frustrating and inconvenient, but we believe the opportunities provided by the Senior Pass were valuable. Students often complain that some senior events thrown by the administration do not reflect their true interests, or that not enough students attend. With the Senior Pass, however, Nardella and Russo were attempting to provide events that catered directly to the entire senior class—events that were fun, exciting, unique, and would resonate with our age group. We strongly believe that, even with the refund, students will recognize the program’s potential and will continue to sign up if Russo and Nardella do decide to continue under a different name. 
Ultimately, we love the entrepreneurial spirit behind ideas like the Senior Pass, and we encourage students to keep brainstorming and implementing similar creative ideas. Students complains daily about things that irk them, but seldom try to do anything about them. Russo and Nardella took the initiative to organize events for their entire senior class, and their actions should be applauded.

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