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GLC Elects Leadership For 2012-2013

Tingley, Hendricks To Further Develop Council

Heights Staff

Published: Thursday, April 26, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

On Sunday, the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC) had elections for presidential and vice presidential positions for the 2012-2013 academic year.

With one candidate running for president and four for vice president, the current council deliberated on Sunday night after positions were proposed and a question and answer session.

Joshua Tingley, A&S ’13, was elected GLC president and Erica Hendricks, A&S ’14, was elected GLC vice president.

Carolyn McCrosson, current GLC president and A&S ’12, expressed her satisfaction with all the candidates, the results of the election, and the future of the GLC. As many of her own goals were accomplished during her time as president, she anticipates further development and growth from the new council.

“I relooked at my platforms [before the elections] to tell the candidates what to expect, and realized I did a lot of the things I set out to do,” McCrosson said.

With ambitions to have transgender awareness become more prominent, McCrosson mentioned she was pleased to begin the reintroduction of transgender issues, because a lot of times these issues get left out.

McCrosson also discussed the 10-year plan GLC has outlined and how she anticipates it will progress in the coming years.

 “Progress has been slow because of the administration, but we’re taking another look at what we’re supposed to be doing this year and seeing if we’re on track,” McCrosson said.

McCrosson said she was confident in the new leaders elected. “The council is in great hands,” she said. “[Tingley and Hendricks] are working on some new projects now for the next year, and the council is in a terrific place right now.”

McCrosson’s administration’s goals will continue to be prominent as the elected president and vice president work to further GLC presence on campus and recognition by Boston College administration.

Hendricks emphasized in her platform the importance of collaboration with other student organizations on campus.

As current assistant director of AHANA Affairs within GLC, Hendricks described her position as being one of the few that gets to be involved with both organizations.

“I think I really stepped up to the plate this year, especially within my position,” Hendricks said. “I wasn’t even the director of any particular department.”

 From her experience networking with many other UGBC branches to her involvement in organizing a screening of Gun Hill Road with little GLC funding, Hendricks believes her relationship-building skills are what gave her an edge in the election process. Hendricks hopes to spread the presence of GLC through her mission to connect with other clubs.

Tingley hopes to continue the progress he made during his term as vice president this year. Part of his platform during the last election was what he called “Bring Back the T,” referring to the transgender community.

He and McCrosson sponsored events featuring transgender issues, including a keynote speaker for the GLC Gala and a memoirist who spoke to the community about his experiences being transgender.

Tingley also hopes to continue the freshman mentoring program, which was started this year, and the expansion of “Queer Peers,” a counseling program.

 “Both [Tingley’s] and my focus next year within GLC is definitely to get going on our 10 year plan, something that was written two years ago,” Hendricks said. “We want to continue conversation with the administration. We would like to see public acceptance … and establish a safe place for LGBTQ students.”

The two also expressed the importance of integration into the UGBC community as a branch.

“This past year was our first year as a branch of UGBC … and we really want to continue to foster these bonds between branches, ALC, Cabinet, and Senate to help fulfill our mission of the organization by working with these other branches of UGBC and solidifying our position as a branch,” Tingley said.

With new goals of expansion on current programs within GLC, the new council, and with coming applications for the next academic year, anticipate a year of growth in 2012.

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