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Growth of Allies result of exemplary leadership

The Heights applauds Allies for its recent programming and hopes for more collaboration with GLC

Published: Sunday, October 21, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


The Heights applauds the Boston College Allies for its successful Ally Week and for encouraging others to join its efforts against the bullying and harassment of GLBTQ students. We commend its strong presence on campus and effective publicity for the various events held throughout the week, including the “What’s It Like to Be an Ally” panel and the information table that was set up in McElroy. Many students signed the Ally Pledge, indicating the group’s ability to not only raise awareness about the struggles of GLBTQ students, but also to take steps to create a positive environment for people of all sexual orientations.
Allies is a group that has grown immensely over the past few years, garnering a significantly larger number of student members than it had in its initial phase as a BC organization. Its development as a group and the efforts it makes to increase its visibility on campus are indicative of good leaders who can set an example for other clubs and organizations at BC.
Ally Week was also held in conjunction with GLAAD Spirit Day, a nationwide event in which people wear purple to recognize and support GLBTQ students who have been subject to bullying. National Coming Out Week was held just a week earlier and featured several events sponsored by UGBC’s GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC). Both weeks were very successful on their own, but The Heights encourages Allies and GLC to work together next year when planning these events. In the future, it may be beneficial for Allies and GLC to collaborate on GLAAD Spirit Day events as well, since both groups are working toward the same goals and would be able to create even more successful programs with their combined resources and efforts.
In light of the various events held in recognition of GLBTQ students over the past two weeks, The Heights also asks members of the BC community to support their friends who are either exploring their sexuality or for those who have come to terms with their sexuality and are seeking acceptance.  

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