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Healthapalooza Postponed Due To Inclement Weather

Health Fair Will Be Held Friday On O’Neill Plaza

Heights Staff

Published: Thursday, September 20, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Graham Beck / Heights Editor

On Sept. 21, Healthapalooza will kick off the Office of Health Promotion’s (OHP) initiative to unite students on campus for living healthily and safely on Boston College’s campus. The event will feature booths with information from BC Dining Services and the BCPD, as well as University Health and Counseling Services, BC Recreation, Environmental Health and Safety, and more. The event was originally scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 19, but was postponed due to inclement weather.

The OHP has several branches that work to preserve and enhance the different aspects of student health. Betsy Cook, administrative assistant in the OHP, explained the different programs and their goals.

“[The Office of Health Promotion] was developed and first started last year and our focus is on the students’ health and wellbeing, so we focus on physical, mental and emotional health, and we do this through the several departments under us,” Cook said. Under the Office of Health Promotion fall organizations such as the Alcohol and Drug Education (ADE) Program and the Women’s Resource Center, which are all collaborating on many events this year including the kick-off of Healthapalooza.

The newest addition to this year’s event was the addition of safety awareness. “We believe that without safety, one can’t really have whole health and wellness,” Cook said. “Our motto this year is ‘Be Healthy, Be Safe, Be Together.’”

The theme of Healthapalooza, as Cook explained, is a metaphorical journey toward a healthier lifestyle. “We’re going to be giving out road maps which students will use to navigate through the different stations, and the theme is that our offices will guide them on their health and safety journey,” Cook said. “Where they are in the journey is sort of independent for every student, but we have different resources available depending on what a student needs.”

Healthapalooza will feature an interactive activity at each booth for students to become acquainted with the different offices and learn what they have to offer. BC Dining Services will be offering vegetable burger samples, and BC Recreation will be offering yoga and exercise demonstrations. BCPD will showcase fatal vision goggles to teach students how to recognize the symptoms of intoxication. The OHP will also be educating on the support programs they offer for students, which include recovery support groups on campus through ADE, and Individual Health Plans, or iHPs, where students can discuss a wide range of health concerns with a health coach and work toward solutions.

Healthapalooza will also be launching the start of the OHP’s Sweet Dreamzzz campaign. Similar to their Be Chill campaign last year, which educated on stress relieving and relaxation through a series of talks and events, Sweet Dreamzzz is intended to promote healthy sleeping habits in students. The goal of programs like Healthapalooza and Sweet Dreamzzz is to inspire and generate discussion among the student community on how to live healthier lives.

Cook said that the OHP seeks to be a presence on campus through these programs. “Our main goal is to make our health campaigns prominent on campus so that students have the knowledge and also are equipped with the skills to improve their health no matter where they are in their feelings of needing to change or improve.”

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