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Hollywood Eagles Begin To Take Flight

Heights Editor

Published: Sunday, September 30, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

Although Boston College offers a club for almost every hobby and interest imaginable, there was a void in BC’s club repertoire that was filled only this year—a club dedicated to filmmaking and the entertainment industry.

That is when Eddie Mele, Hollywood Eagles president and A&S ’14; Will Watkins, A&S ’12; and Zach Citarella, A&S ’12; formed Hollywood Eagles, a club that its founders hope will serve students interested in the entertainment industry.

“There is a void on campus because if you want to make a movie you can’t get a crew together, and if you’re not in a production class you don’t have the resources to make a movie,” Mele said of the outlets available for film production at BC and student collaboration.

Mele stressed that the club is not just for film majors, however.

“We want [to] do trips and go to film festivals and different film events. So even for people who are just avid movie watchers, this club would be good [for them, too],” he said.

Mele said that he hopes the club will function almost as a pre-professional organization for eager entertainment industry go-getters, similar to the organizations available for students interested in law, not only through networking with BC alums already in the industry, but through grasping a full, real-life understanding of the industry as a whole.

“This isn’t just for [filmmakers],” Mele said. “We need PR people, marketing people, producers, directors, distributors, writers, everything. We’re teaching the whole business of film.”
Mele said that he also hopes to match students up with Los Angeles-based alumni who are involved in the entertainment industry to help them get internships and industry experience.

In the future, the club hopes to organize workshops for students to learn the basics of the Final Cut Pro program (which is often a prerequisite for film internships), bring back the Baldwin film awards, and organize a “Beanpot” film festival, which would include student-produced films from Northeastern, Boston University, BC, and Harvard.

“My freshman year, they had the Baldwin Awards, which was a really, really great event where student filmmakers at BC submitted films,” Mele said. “We are working with the film department to bring the awards back.”
Additionally, the club hopes to do a service for other clubs at BC by filming promotional videos to increase student interest in their respective clubs.

“If any club approaches us, we will assign them a director, and we will assemble a crew to put a project together for the club, overseen by myself and other senior members. The creative board will review the project [and script],” Mele said. “Media content is generally pretty lacking among BC clubs. You don’t really want to join a club with just a flyer. You don’t internalize [what they’re about]. You need to see it.”
Finally, as BC celebrates its 150th year, Mele said that Hollywood Eagles could be an integral part in helping to bring more multimedia attention to events.

“It’d be great to get involved with the sesquicentennial events at BC,” Mele said, following the club’s model of doing a service to other clubs at BC, as well as the school itself.

The first-ever general meeting of the club will be Oct. 2 in Cushing 001 at 8 p.m.

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