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Pull a Perfect All-Nighter

Features Editor

Published: Sunday, February 26, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

It's the week before Spring Break and all of your semester coasting is catching up with you. Somehow you have a midterm in every single class to complete before you leave to go home, to go somewhere tropical, or to go to your service trip of choice. These midterms are all that stand between you and freedom—it is time to defeat them.


So how will you catch up on many weeks' worth of procrastinating and slacking off, you may ask? It is all about having a plan. One needs to stay confident in the face of distress and not get too frazzled. This can prove quite difficult, for me especially, but one only has to remember that worry is futile, it is a waste of time, and gets you nowhere.


So step one is to make a plan. Actually knowing when all of your midterms and assignments are due is key. Ignoring them will not make them go away—trust me, I have tried. It is better to face these demons head on. Writing down on a calendar when each is due will help you figure it all out. Next, it is time to whip out the syllabus for each class and the books (Note: this is assuming you own the books already—if not …well, maybe they are in the Course Reserves?).


The library outfit is of the greatest importance. You have permission in this sole moment of your Boston College career to look like complete garbage. No need to shower, put on makeup, brush your hair, or make yourself look relatively presentable. Comfort is of the utmost importance: sweatpants, socks, Uggs, sneakers, sweatshirts, and scarves are all good options. Think layers, you never know when a hot spell or cold flash will hit.

Once dressed for success, haul yourself off to Bapst, O'Neill, or your study spot of choice. Choose your spot based off the caliber of the impending doom. Really in deep, deep trouble? Better go hide out in Bapst where even the rustling of your Cheez-It bag will garner deathly glares. In a less dire situation, perhaps? O'Neill or a study lounge should be sufficient.


Once you have chosen the perfect location, it is all about the accoutrements. Headphones for optimizing your studying experience and listening to helpful YouTube videos you find, at least two coffees to begin with, and let's be honest, you may have to resort to drinking the coffee from the vending machine on the first floor of O'Neill (it's awful, don't be fooled, but it will get the job done). Next, a few meals to get you through the all-nighter. Think sugar (it is your friend in weary times).


Of course, you run the risk of becoming too exhausted in the library and sleeping through the midterm. In this case, your grade would take a serious hit, and would only lead to additional pressures on you for finals. And so the cycle continues. When will we learn not to cram?

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