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Love Your Body Week Promotes Healthy Living, Self-Confidence

Heights Staff

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

This week, the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is sponsoring the annual Love Your Body Week. The week consists of a variety of events, including lectures on body image, weight loss, and healthy eating, as well as dance workshops and even a theatrical performance. The WRC partnered with Boston College Recreation, the UGBC, University Counseling Services, faculty, and many more organizations to provide thoughtful and compelling events to inspire positive body image on the BC campus.

Nicole Laniado, Love Your Body Week Coordinator and CSOM ’13, explained that the goal of the events featured during this week is to motivate students to develop strategies for healthier living and to evaluate which aspects of daily life may act as obstacles.

“Love Your Body Week’s mission is to have students be able to recognize what characterizes healthy and unhealthy relationships with one’s body,” Laniado said. “These goals align with our center’s mission to support, educate, and empower students to take action and make BC a better community for each other.”
Laniado offered insight on body image at BC and commented on the realities of the unhealthy habits many students find themselves struggling to escape.

“We see this issue in a myriad of ways: our exercising culture … the pressure to embody the often stereotyped cookie-cutter image of a BC male or female, which at times leads to socioeconomic pressures to dress with particular brands,” Laniado said. “We also see it within our nightlife and the insecurities and dangers of binge drinking and overeating on the weekends. This week is truly a wakeup call for all of us to realize that beauty is within us all and that it is more than just having the perfect body.”
Monday featured two events. In the late afternoon, Hilary De Vries, assistant director of fitness and wellness, gave a lecture titled “Exercise Caution (Overexercising: How to Help a Friend),” and discussed signs and symptoms of overexercising and how to intervene with a friend who is suffering from this condition. On Monday night, Christina Kwan, a life solutions coach, educated students on where society’s perceptions of beauty come from and how to channel inner confidence in her talk “Thinking Ourselves Thin: The Power of Our Inner Voice.”
Tuesday and Wednesday offered a variety of events as well, from Bonnie Rudner of the English department offering her opinions on how Disney princesses have altered body image in young girls, to dance workshops offered at the Plex by different dances groups on campus. Juliana Shulman of Corporate Accountability International and Michael Cermak, GSAS ’13, founder of Real Food BC, also offered a talk on the food environment and how our society views food and different eating habits.

Today, the Office of Health Promotion and the Connell School of Nursing will partner with the WRC to present a lecture by Susan Kelly-Weeder and Sheila Tucker, executive dietitian, titled “Metabolic Mix-up: Weekend Edition.” The talk will offer insight on the binge-drinking culture and how it can negatively impact students’ bodies. Pepper Schwartz from the University of Washington, Seattle, will also offer a talk about the challenges men and women face in creating healthy relationships.

Friday night will showcase a performance of The Good Body Show, where students offer monologues about women and their bodies.

“The impact [of this week], however, I believe not only remains within the context of our events, but also within the buzz and conversations that students on campus are starting to have amongst their friends, roommates, and teachers,” Laniado said. “Although this is a week-long awareness project, we make a sustainable impact within our campus and start changing the discourse on body image.”

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