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Mar. 26 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Published: Sunday, March 25, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Thumbs Up:
Higher education hookups-  Starting today, the Women’s Resource Center is sponsoring Concerned About Rape Education Week. One of the events is “Sex (y) Can I,” which examines BC’s hookup culture and also the relation between alcohol and consent. We love events discussing BC’s hookup culture. Our first semester we just thought it was because we were all slightly shallow a-holes who were too preoccupied to settle down. Now, we know there is a deep psychoanalytic reason for why we don’t feel like texting that guy back.
Cracking up at the Kardashians- Kim Kardashian got flour bombed by some crazy lady while promoting her new fragrance. Yes, we know our schadenfreude comes from the fact we are jealous that she became uber rich after doing nothing (except for Ray-J), but we chuckled a little when we saw her absolutely covered in white.
Enjoying Spring- The cast and crew of Spring Awakening deserve a big thumbs up for this weekend’s performance. It’s not an easy show to perform, and touches on some awkward subjects, but they truly did a great job.
Thumbs Down:
Bad Call-  Turns out a psychiatrist warned Penn State in 1998 that Sandusky had pedophile-like tendencies. So let me get this straight. Somebody tells you that one of your coaches is a huge creeper, and instead of, I don’t know, putting him behind a desk until you can get him further checked out, you decide to plop him right in the middle of a children’s sports camp. Good move.
Name Change no-no- Kraft Foods Inc. has decided to change its name to Mondelez, Inc. Don’t worry, our favorite American cheese will still be labeled as Kraft Singles, but it’s still pretty weird. How do you even pronounce it? Mawn-day-lez? Mondy-lez? Mon-dah-lez? We’re not buying it. The company that makes our Scooby-Doo Mac and Cheese is Kraft, not Mondy-Whatever.  Also, apparently the new name is very similar to the Russian word for oral sex, so we’re interested to see how that works out for them.
Not being creepy- Belevedere Vodka just pulled a controversial ad that depicted a man carrying a gasping, terrified woman with the slogan “Belevedere: Unlike some people, it goes down smoothly.”  Ok, we know it’s “hard” to be witty and stuff in advertisements, but a rape joke? Really, you had to go there? Those have like a .02 percent success rate. Also, has Chelsea Handler taught you nothing? Women and vodka have a tight-knit relationship, and we have no idea why Belevedere would ever want to mess that, and most likely their profit, up.

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