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Published: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 21:01


On Tuesday, Jan. 28, President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address hosted two special guests. Jeff Bauman, Boston Marathon bombing victim, and Carlos Arredondo, rescuer and now friend, attended the address with the First Lady.

Bauman, 27, was waiting for his friends and his girlfriend at the finish line of the marathon when the bombs went off last April. Since he was in such close proximity to the detonation, Bauman was severely injured and had to undergo a double leg amputation.

While lying on the ground injured, Bauman was picked up by Arredondo, who created a tourniquet and transported Bauman to an ambulance.

“We’re here to represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the city of Boston, and many other people,” Arredondo said in a telephone interview Tuesday with


After two successful festivals within the past year, organizers of the Boston Calling Music Festival announced their plans for a third festival to be held this May. Planning to shock the city once again with a mix of famous bands and talented, obscure performers, the organizers have revealed plans to host Jack Johnson, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Phosphorescent, the Head and the Heart, Tegan and Sara, Kurt Vile and the Violators, and Jenny Lewis.

In addition to this collection of performances, a secret act has yet to be announced. The festival will also feature local bands Magic Man and Tigerman WOAH!, holding to its tradition of promoting Boston artists.

Tickets for the weekend festival went on sale yesterday, and multiple-day passes will be released tomorrow.


Red Sox and baseball fans everywhere can rejoice. The beloved Boston Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy has resumed his work as the team’s best-known informer and advocate. After his son’s murder trial, Remy took an indefinite leave of absence. Jared Remy’s fairly public trial left his iconic father confused about how to address his fans. Remy’s absence lasted approximately four months. Encouraged by family and friends, Remy decided to make his return to his longtime home, the Red Sox broadcasting booth, on Monday.

Remy continuously expresses his sympathy to the family of his son’s late girlfriend and murder victim.  Distraught and in upheval, the Remy family is beginning to piece their lives back together after the arrest and trial of Jerry’s son. “I’ve never been a quitter and I don’t intend to be one now,” Remy told The Boston Globeregarding his return.

Polar Vortex

Since early January, the United States, particularly the Northeast, has been experiencing abnormally cold temperatures. With wind chills far below zero, the harsh conditions have created an array of problems and posed a variety of health threats in the state of Massachusetts and around the country. It is estimated that the United States economy has taken approximately a $5 billion hit as a result of the freezing trend. Included in this figure is a $1.4 billion deficit from flight cancellations.

The semi-permanent cold system lingered far longer than expected and, according to meteorologists, remained on “lock.” The prolonged deep-freeze has approached its end and will release the nation from its grip just in time for Super Bowl XLVIII. The football game, scheduled for Feb. 2, will likely be free of the inhibitions of the freezing weather.


“Google Glass,” a revolutionary product with photography, Internet, navigational, and messaging capabilities, has recently become even more innovative—and expensive.

Responding to customers, Google released its prescription edition of the product on Monday. Now available for an additional $225, Google Glass can be comfortably used by those who typically wear glasses. Google also released an array of frame colors and tint shades, allowing customers to personalize their Glass wearing experience.  Still relatively new, the product is priced at $1,500 with additional costs for tint and prescription. Potential buyers would be fitted for their Google Glass the same way that they would be fitted for normal prescription glasses, and lenses can easily be removed with a glass kit.

Unfortunately, Google Glass is limited in its range and cannot be fitted for prescriptions above +4.00 or below -4.00.



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