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ALC Ball Draws 800, Event A Success, Organizers Say

Students Attend Dance At The Weston Hotel

Heights Columnist

Published: Sunday, February 5, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

alc 2/6/12

Daniel Lee / Heights Editor

On Saturday evening, approximately 800 students gathered at the Copley Weston Hotel for the 16th Annual AHANA Leadership Council (ALC) Ball. Food from several different cultures represented in the acronym was served, and students danced the night away to the bumping beats of a local DJ.

For the first time, bussing service to the event was not offered due to a new policy instituted by the Student Programs Office (SPO). The policy was designed to curb student drinking before events, especially those that are T accessible. Bus service from the event was offered.

Ronnette Seeney, co-director of ALC Programming and CSOM '13, disagreed that not providing bussing would deter students from drinking too much before an event. "We had a discussion when we were planning for the ball that [not bussing students] might not be the best bet, so that was a concern," Seeney said.

Visible hotel security, bag searches, pat downs, and two BCPD officers were employed to prevent students from consuming alcohol. Only a few students were found attempting to sneak alcohol into the event, and even fewer students were escorted from the ball after it had begun.

A good deal of planning went into the ball, beginning last May when the Programming Department submitted their budget, and during the summer as they searched for venues to host the event. More formal planning of the event began after the boat cruise in September.

The new bussing policy did impact the planning of the event, but the ALC was unable to adjust ticket prices to compensate for the lack of bus service. Seeney cited issues with the bussing company and poor communication between the administration and student groups for ticket prices remaining the same despite the removal of the service.

"When we planned for the ball, it was back in May so we planned around the ticket being the same price of $25. We didn't know about the bussing policy until November so there was no way to renegotiate things, especially since we already had a contract with the hotel and the bus company requires a four hour minimum," Seeney said. "Our budget proposal came before the new policy. The BC administration needs to work more closely with student groups and organizations so they can be aware of changes that will affect budget allocations and ticket prices."

Despite the minor hiccups that are anticipated while planning an event and selling only eight hundred of nine hundred available tickets, Gururaj Shan, ALC president and A&S '12, considered the event a success.

Seeney said the goal of the event was for students to come together as a community, dress up, and have fun. "Our mission is really just to support the AHANA community and also the bigger community at BC," Seeney said. "We're looking to bring the rest of the community together. We really are trying to create a community feel."

Students did indeed dress to impress, and enjoyed themselves at the event. Kelli McBee, A&S '13, said, "I love getting dressed up and any excuse to put on a dress and heels." Madi Tanzi, A&S '14, was attending the event for the first time. "It's fun to spend time with friends in a classy venue," Tanzi said.

There was also a somewhat political and cultural aspect to the event that was important to some students. Clifton James, CSOM '12, expressed the importance of the event being hosted by the ALC but not limited to AHANA students. "It's dedicated to AHANA students but not only for AHANA students, and that's a nice thing," James said.

Some students, though, did not believe that the fact that ALC hosted the event was particularly significant. Sudheer Akella, A&S '12, was one of these students. "I'm here to have a good time," Akella said. "This event is not any more significant than any other off-campus ball."

Whether students saw importance in the ALC hosting the event, or were present simply so they could dress up and dance, many students agreed that the event was the best way they could have spent their Saturday evening.

Zane Crute, CSOM '12, expressed surprise at how much fun he had. "I was shocked at the high quality of the event," Crute said. "My expectations were very low because they didn't sell out of tickets and the low quality of the boat cruise this year. I'm very glad that I gave the event a chance and was very impressed with how it turned out."

Maxine Cooper, CSOM '14, also enjoyed the event and seeing BC students come together as a community. "I had a good time not only with the AHANA community but the BC community as a whole," Cooper said. "It's great that we can appreciate each other not only for our similarities but also for our differences."

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