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BC Student Creates Gaming Tournaments

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Published: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013 00:01

Across the campus, one item likely to be found when looking into a random dorm room is a video game console. While styles range from a modern console like an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3 to a classic console like an Nintendo 64 or a GameCube, a gaming console of some sort is a staple for college students. With his startup company, Campus Gamer, Daniel Donohue, CSOM ’13, wants to bring gaming on campus out of the dorm room and into the public square in the form of gaming tournaments hosted on campus.

“To get Campus Gamer started, my goals are oriented at holding gaming tournaments exclusively at BC at the end of February or mid-March,” Donohue said. “I wrote a business plan for Campus Gamer my sophomore year, but I finally had time this year to bring it back out and start it. I bought the domain name and picked Call of Duty, FIFA, and Words with Friends.”
The idea for Campus Gamer originated in Donohue’s love for gaming. When he was a sophomore, he was an Electronic Arts campus representative. In this position, he did marketing campaigns and giveaways for game releases on campus.

“While I was doing it, I was limited to doing EA things and campaigns that they wanted me to do,” Donohue said. “I thought it would be so much more fun if I could do things with everyone.”
At the same time, Donohue co-founded Add It Up, the predecessor to Jebbit, with Tom Coburn, A&S ’13, and Jeb Thomas, CSOM ’13. An online marketing company, Add It Up tied for first place in the Boston College Venture Competition and won $6,500.

“From there, we took the funding and applied to a program, Summer @ Highland, where we got an additional $15,000 and a bunch of resources over the summer to continue working on the idea,” Donohue said. “I branched off and ended up leaving the company and pursued learning how to program. The company has since changed and is now called Jebbit.”
Even after leaving Jebbit, Donohue remained active in the startup scene, interning with the online payment company Plastiq, which is similar to PayPal. This led him to revisiting Campus Gamer when he returned to campus in the fall. Currently, he is focused on setting up the tournaments for this semester.

“I chose Call of Duty because a lot of people have played it and it is a key genre,” Donohue said. “I chose FIFA because I wanted to put a sports game in there. Specifically at BC, sports games are really popular. I chose Words with Friends because I wanted to see what I could do with a mobile gaming tournament.”
For the Call of Duty and FIFA tournaments, Donohue has planned a $5 entrance fee, in order to fund the tournament and prizes. There are first and second place cash prizes to emphasize the competitive nature of the tournaments. Similar to the BC intramurals, Donohue has also planned for a t-shirt and mug to be given to the winners. To facilitate the tournaments, he is promoting with an RA in Edmond’s, Clement Yu, GA&S ’13.

Looking to the future, Donohue hopes to continue working on projects at BC, while expanding to other college campuses.

“Gaming is a passion of mine and so I would like to stay in a gaming or entrepreneurship role post-graduation,” Donohue said. “The goal is to get as much interest now and get a buzz for Campus Gamer. I want to network with other entrepreneurs and try to see if anyone is interested in funding the company. If I can get it to work at BC, then I can show that it can work at other major colleges across the country.”

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