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BC To Boston Deals With Weather Contingencies, New UGBC Structure

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Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 25, 2013 01:02

“We have two very, very big events coming up,” Koch said. “One is a concert, and one is a fine arts event. We really want to surprise students by those events so we haven’t yet disclosed them to the public, but we’re very excited about them, because we think that it’s really going to entice students to access the city a little bit more.” Slater said that the big events would probably be announced in March, after Spring Break.

Other upcoming events include a Red Sox game in April, a Hoodie Allen concert, a night at Sunset Grill, and another event at Harpoon Brewery.

“We also have a charity golf tournament that we’re in the process of planning,” Koch said. There is no set date yet, but they’re looking at the end of April as a likely time. “It’s going to be the first golf tournament that UGBC has sponsored, to my knowledge,” he said. “The goal of it is to not only promote awareness, but to fundraise for ALS. We’re working in conjunction with BC Athletics to make the event as attention-grabbing as possible, especially since there are two people who are affiliated—I’m not entirely sure how—with BC Athletics who have ALS, so we really wanted to incorporate [BC] Athletics in one of the events that we did, and we thought that golf would be a great way to do so.”

After the newly-revised UGBC constitution takes effect in the fall, BC to Boston will fall into the larger programming department. “One of our concerns with the restructuring prior to the most recent version of the constitution was the preservation of BC to Boston,” Koch said. “Would this be considered an RSO in the future? Or would it be an entity under the Vice President of Programming?” He said that he, Slater, and the co-directors of Campus Programming—Dan Rimm, CSOM ’13, and Mike Cavoto, A&S ’13—came together to devise a more detailed structure for programming in the new UGBC. According to Koch and Slater, BC to Boston would continue to be incorporated in UGBC programming.

“There might be a slight change in the number of committee members, just given that the fact that the purpose of the restructuring was to make the organization more efficient and to downsize and streamline it, but I don’t see the numbers changing a ton,” Slater said. “In terms of BC to Boston and the way that it functions, it will still function the same way under the new structure, it will just be incorporated into a larger programming body.”

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