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BCSSH Holds Annual Sex Toy Bingo

For The Heights

Published: Sunday, November 13, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Graham Beck / Heights Staff

Thursday night, Boston College Students for Sexual Health (BCSSH) packed the basement of Roggie's for its annual Sex Toy Bingo event.

Jessika Parry, president of BCSSH and A&S '14, described the importance of the event. "While [BCSSH] is known for its distributions on College Road, as an organization we do a lot more. This event is meant to showcase some of the other endeavors of BCSSH."

At the event, every bingo player in attendance received a mat that contained the answers to a variety of fill-in-the-blank or multiple-choice questions about sexual health. When a question was asked, any player was allowed to shout out the answer. Once the correct answer was found, any player who had the answer in one of the spaces on his or her map placed an M&M in this space, trying to complete a bingo to win a prize.

The prizes, as indicated in the title of the event, were sex toys. "We're trying to eliminate the taboo connotation associated with sex toys," Parry said. At the end of the night, all of 22 prizes had been taken by a very competitive and enthusiastic crowd.

"While a large part of sexual health is safety related, an equally large part is expressing your sexuality in a healthy manner," Parry said. "Our event is one way to do this because it gives people a chance to discuss or ponder an area of their lives that they may not usually focus on."

Some questions asked by BCSSH's emcees did focus on the more traditional aspects of sexual health. Questions like, "While engaging in safer sex, it is important to realize that there are more than this many sexually transmitted diseases," covered this topic. (The answer was 30).

Parry said another purpose for the event was to "raise awareness about how sexual health can be fun by embracing your sexuality." Other questions such as, "A healthy sex life improves what part of the body? [Answer: the heart]" met this end.

Regardless of the type of question, Sex Toy Bingo was a success because it started conversations about sexual health. "Everyone was getting really into learning new facts, not just winning bingo," Parry said.

Attendees of the event left Roggie's well informed about many subjects of sexual health, including sexual assault prevention, STI awareness and protection, and general sex toy information. They also left after a night full of conversation about topics they may not have felt comfortable discussing otherwise.

Though BCSSH does not have any other events planned for the immediate future, the crowd at Roggie's will certainly look forward to them. Students showed up in numbers large enough to fill the basement, yelled out answers to all the questions, and scooped up the t-shirts that BCSSH provided at the end of the night.

BCSSH hopes that the content discussed during Sex Toy Bingo will affect an audience much larger than the one that showed up on Thursday night. Parry said that part of the reason for hosting an eye-opening, unique event like Sex Toy Bingo is that "even if people don't personally choose to attend the event, they'll pass the message along."

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