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Boston College Students Involved in Collision With Trolley

Assoc. News Editor and Asst. News Editor

Published: Sunday, April 25, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

At least six Boston College students, including three members of the men's hockey team, were allegedly involved in a collision with an MBTA Green Line trolley at approximately midnight last night.

The students were in a black Jeep Grand Cherokee, traveling on Commonwealth Avenue toward BC, when the driver allegedly swerved in front of the oncoming trolley, Joe Pesaturo, MBTA spokesman, said.

 "All seven of these individuals face charges of being minors in possession of alcohol," Pesaturo said.

 Jane Stanton, LSOE '13; Philip Samuelsson, A&S '13; Patrick Wey, CSOM '13; and Tina Dilandry were transported to Beth Israel and Brigham and Women's hospitals for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

 Reilly Corbett, A&S '13; Parker Milner, CSOM '13; and Elizabeth Motley, A&S '13, allegedly fled the scene.

 "The trolley operator told police the Jeep Cherokee turned into the Green Line right of way just as the train was approaching," Pesaturo said. He said that the operator of the B Line trolley said that the occupants of the vehicle picked up what appeared to be alcoholic beverage containers before fleeing the scene.

Stanton was driving the Jeep at the time of the accident. According to the Boston Fire Department Twitter, one of the victims had to be forcefully extracted from the vehicle. All four were treated by firefighters and Boston EMS.

No one on the trolley was injured.

 "Citations or charges against the motorist are likely," Pesaturo said. "Four occupants of the Jeep Cherokee were transported to Beth Israel and Brigham and Women's for treatment of non-life threatening neck and back injuries."

Although the BC Police Department (BCPD) responded to the accident, it occurred outside of the department's jurisdiction, and officials declined to comment.

University Spokesman Jack Dunn said, "MBTA police are investigating the incident, and Boston College is cooperating with MBTA police in their investigation."



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Mon Apr 26 2010 16:50
How in the world would a Green Line train "swerve" ?! The train runs on tracks, for crying out loud. BC needs to do a better job admiting its students, if some of these posts are to be believed!
Mon Apr 26 2010 16:33
This is a comment on the situation not so much the article, but all other media is only focusing on the three hockey players involved. They weren't the only ones involved in the accident and although they were perfect on the ice this season, they are not perfect in reality. We all make mistakes and thats how we grow and learn, I think it is disgraceful how the media looks to make examples of the ones who have the most to lose. These boys are trying to make the best examples of themselves as they have a possible career as a pro athlete so making them out to be worse than the others involved is just unfair. And on another note being a BC student, I have to say that what upset me more so than the accident itself was the way people handled it. I was there less than 30 minutes after the accident occurred and while I understand on lookers can't do much the fact is many people walked by not even giving a glance over to the accident but just looking for the next house party. Unity, is one thing that attracted me to BC and that BC is so proud about but if this is the way so many react to an accident so close to campus & on BC known off campus areas then I am truly disgusted. I'm glad all are ok and I wish all involved the best of luck!
Mon Apr 26 2010 15:20
Anyone smart enough to get into BC ought to be smart enough to figure out that several underage kids in a vehicle with alcohol on Comm Ave at midnight is almost a guarantee of an unhappy result. It is particularly unfortunate that the individuals in question embarrassed not only themselves , but also Coach York, the hockey team and the school. This is supposed to be an adult community , not high school.
the dude
Mon Apr 26 2010 12:46
It's a shame the hockey team was involved, but boys will be boys. I'm sure Jerry will be peeved, but 'things happen'. From what I understand, the student driving was sober, thus I honestly find the city of Boston to be at fault. I cannot count the number of times I have barely avoided a collision with the T, especially at that particular intersection. The gap in the fencing, where cars are able to make a U-turn is equipped with a street light that is non-functional. If I were the individuals in the car I would file a suit against the city for negligence. The T needs a makeover regardless. I'm glad to hear everyone is okay.
Mon Apr 26 2010 12:40
I'm surprised this sort of thing doesn't happen a lot more often. Was the driver even arrested for drunk driving? If not, it is really worth asking: why not? A lesson for students: if you drink, don't drive. The B line was obviously running at the time, which means they could have taken the train back to BC rather than driving while intoxicated.
Mon Apr 26 2010 09:29
Hahahahahhaaha... freshmen. Learn to hold your alcohol, and what are you doing with a car on campus anyway? This made the front page of the Heights... yet again, a handful of students make one dumb move and make the rest of us look bad. Here's to a speedy recovery, but please learn a lesson from this.
Eagle Alum
Mon Apr 26 2010 03:58
@ Eagle 2012!: the green line driver was't the one who swerved .. it was the jeep driver. did you even read the article?
Mon Apr 26 2010 02:55
Aside from anything alcohol related which is bad enough...fleeing a car while three of your friends are in it after getting in an accident. Jesus guys. One had to be forcefully extracted? Great friends.
Mon Apr 26 2010 01:00
Having been on the train I can say definitively there was no swerving and no cell phones. I find it a little questionable they say no one on the train was hurt so definitively since no one asked me. Probably right, but they can't really say for sure.
Eagle 2012!
Sun Apr 25 2010 22:38
Why did the Green Line driver swerve into this SUV? Probably the trolley dude was talking on his cellphone, as always. I think they ought to fire him, but the unions will stand in the way. Those trolleys are too dangerous these days.

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