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Chill Out, Super Fans

Healthapalooza Promotes All Around Healthy Living

For The Heights

Published: Thursday, October 6, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

Wednesday afternoon, students on O'Neill Plaza patiently waited in line for what Don Camelio, associate director of Health Promotions considers "the hottest item on campus."

That item, a maroon and gold T-shirt donning the words "Super Healthy Fan," was one of several items given away at this year's Healthapalooza.

"When you visit the tables, you get the shirt," said Robyn Priest, associate director of Health Promotion.

The event, hosted by the Office of Health Promotions, offered several stations, all aimed at helping students relieve stress, Camelio said.

"We have the BCalm area that will have a massage area where there will be massage therapist offering massages to all of our students," he said. "If you go over to BChill wall there will be the opportunity for students to talk about stressors in their lives and stress coping methods."

The Office of Health Promotion was also searching for potential health coaches. "We will be recruiting students to become health coaches for our department," said Elise Phillips, director of Health Promotion, before the event.

Camelio highlighted the importance of the role that students played in helping make the event happen.

"What I would say is important is it's a completely student-driven initiative," Camelio said. Students offered their time to participate in study groups, surveys, and even volunteered to help with the event, he said.

"We had 150 people volunteer to help, and of those who were available to come out and do the event was a little over 50," Camelio said.

Healthapalooza is the first installment of a year-long stress relief campaign by the newly formed Office of Health Promotion.

"The event is to create awareness of student health on campus and the Office of Health Promotion," Phillips said. "Healthapalooza was actually a brainchild of this department and we decided that we needed a kickoff event in the fall because we're a new area within Student Affairs."

The planning of the event, which took place in May of this year, had a central hope in mind, said Katie Dalton, director of the Women's Resource Center.

"We want them to recognize our office and the way that all of these offices came together to form the Office of Health Promotion," she said. "Tied with that, [are] the intersections of a lot of different health issues across different offices around the University."

The new office also describes the event as a way to emphasize other groups on campus who have had student health their focus during each semester. "In addition to celebrating student health, we are also highlighting campus partners who have already engaged in health promotion on campus," Priest said.

Phillips also acknowledged the large effort from the University to make the event a success.

"A huge and hearty thank you," she said, "to Dining Services for their donations of food, cooking demos, staffing to make the event happen."

She said that University Counseling and Health Services, BCPD, Boston College REC, UGBC, Eagle EMS, Emergency Management, and the Women's Resource Center, among others, were instrumental in making the event happen.

She also recognized the efforts of Patrick Rombalski, vice president of Student Affairs and Thomas McGuinness, associate vice president of Student Affairs. ♦

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