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Electronic State Of Mind Shows Off DJs At Masquerave

Heights Editor

Published: Sunday, February 26, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Daniel Lee / Heights Editor

On Saturday evening, over 150 students gathered in the Rat for an electronic "Masquerave." Hosted by the student group Electronic State of Mind (ESM), the rave showcased four of the club's own DJs in a belated Mardi Gras celebration.

Those who attended experienced a high-energy atmosphere with an air of mystique due to the masquerade theme of the event. Transformed into a club-like setting, the Rat was bumping with electronic dance music, lasers, glow sticks, and students dancing, amped up on energy drinks provided at the entrance.

Since its founding two years ago, ESM has been dedicated to establishing a presence on campus and spreading their passion for electronic dance music to the Boston College community. The club hosts DJ showcases and dance events in addition to collaborating with other BC organizations such as RHA and OLAA.

According to their mission statement, the purpose of ESM is "to cultivate and promote an appreciation for all facets of a quickly rising genre of music by providing opportunities for BC students to share and explore the dynamic auditory experience produced by electronic music. ESM serves as a vessel through which students can pierce the ethnic and cultural barriers and form a tight-knit community based solely on their mutual interest for electronic music."

ESM boasts 13 board members, 30 active producers, and over 300 total BC members. The general meetings allow a forum in which members discuss their shared enjoyment of electronic music. The organization also provides workshops instructing BC students in the art of DJing and music production. "We have some of the most talented student DJs on campus who hold workshops for anyone interested," said Secretary Patrice Chen, CSOM '13.

The crowd of enthusiastic, fist-pumping students appeared to enjoy the mix of house, dubstep, and electro music with which the four different DJs provided them. ESM's presidents, Rodaan Rabang, A&S '13, and Alex Lam, CSOM '13, the DJ pair ROLEX, spun last and kept everyone dancing till the rave's end at 1 a.m.

ESM hopes to improve and expand further in the coming months by having professional producers give presentations and teach classes to interested members. "Our goal is to provide a venue in which [DJs] can work on both their technical and performance skills," Lam said.

Publicizing the event through their Facebook page and reaching out to underclassman led to a good mix of members and nonmembers amongst the attendees. Not affiliated with ESM, Ryan Burns, A&S '15, attended the Masquerave in support of his friend, one of the DJs, Jay Thomas, A&S '15. Burns was introduced to electronic music by Thomas and has since attended several events. "This is one of the best dances I've been to. The music is always awesome and you can tell everyone is having a good time," Burns said.

Lam was pleased with the turnout and is optimistic about the future. "Overall, the event was quite successful. But as we get more established and increase student involvement we will be able to make our events bigger and bigger," Lam said.

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