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Faculty Develop Interdisciplinary Minor In Medical Humanities

Members Plan To Present Proposal For A New Health Sciences Minor This Spring

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Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 21, 2013 01:02

Boesky also briefly addressed the upcoming revisions to the University core, and how the new minor might dovetail with those changes. “One thing that’s exciting about the direction of the core discussions is the potential for interdisciplinary connections,” Boesky said. “A number of Core courses could potentially fall into this new minor, and linking courses would be interesting. I feel like this is where the energy and excitement about undergraduate education is—in relevance, and in engagement with the big, important questions.”  

While the exact timeline of the minor was not yet known, Boesky said that there is a significant amount of enthusiasm among faculty members, and she expects enthusiasm from students as well as the minor develops. “We’re eager to hear what students are most interested in,” Boesky said. “We’re clearly interested in tying interdisciplinary study into existing programs, whether they’re local, domestic, or even overseas programs. We’re really interested in forming bridges of different kinds—bridges among departments and schools, bridges between the University and the wider Boston community, as well as bigger bridges out to the world. These are critical issues, and they’re really engaging to us as faculty.”

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