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Gabriel Provides Insight On 2012 GOP

In His Be Current Lecture, ‘Times’ Columnist Compares Election Campaigns To

For The Heights

Published: Sunday, December 4, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

On Thursday, Dec. 1, New York Times journalist Trip Gabriel spoke to Boston College students in a lecture sponsored by the Quality of Student Life Committee (QSLC), with hopes to further educate students on the popular issues of the Republican campaign for this coming election.

The purpose of the lecture went beyond commentating on the Republican candidates for the primary elections: Gabriel also spent time trying to educate students on popular issues in the campaign.

Comparing the candidates to prospective dates on, Gabriel discussed the rise and fall of the popularity of different contestants. He also offered his opinion on the current front-runners during the question and answer session after the lecture.

The Be Current program of QSLC supported Gabriel's lecture. As Madeleine Haller, event coordinator and A&S '12, mentioned in her introduction, the goal of the program is to bring newspapers, like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, to campus in order to keep students involved in current events. The QSLC also brings speakers to campus each year.

"We decided to invite Trip primarily because he is currently covering a topic we thought would be of interest to many BC students," Haller said. "I think a lot of students would like to be better informed about the Republican primaries, and this event provided a quick, easy, entertaining way to learn about them."

Gabriel has written for The New York Times since 1994. He initially wrote and served as editor for the Style section. In recent years, he has moved to political commentary.

Gabriel spoke on several candidates and provided analysis of their campaign strategies. He focused a great deal on why some candidates have fallen from their initial popularity.

Gabriel evaluated what made candidates popular with voters and what made them appear unqualified for the position for which they were running. The lecture looked at the impact most candidates had during their debates, a critical part of the primaries. Gabriel discussed the various candidates and what impacts their debate performances had, both positive and negative.

For most, Gabriel explained, the debates showed who would end up a front-runner and who would be unsuccessful. He pointed out Michele Bachmann's and Rick Perry's issues during the debates, making incorrect historical references. However, he also mentioned Newt Gingrich's success, being prepared and well-versed for his debates.

The lecture was particularly informative for those members of the audience who were not completely up-to-date on the candidates. Gabriel's interesting, comical twist on a current and sometimes controversial topic provided a way for students of all different political backgrounds to learn something about the Republican candidates and who to look out for in the coming months.

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