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Racquetball Court Under Renovation

Heights Editor

Published: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013 00:01

Racquetball court number five is currently being turned into a new cycle studio and wellness office, creating an air conditioned room for spin classes and making way for new programming.

The Flynn Recreation Complex has four multipurpose rooms used for spin, yoga, Pilates, hip-hop, swing dancing, and smaller group classes. Currently, however, the rooms are too small to accommodate the classes, so programs are only run out of the cycle studio and a yoga studio, BC Rec officials said. “In essence, if you were to ask me how many multipurpose rooms we have, we use it as two rooms,” said Caitriona Taylor, director of campus recreation.

Once the spin classes are moved to the new studio, there will be an additional multipurpose room available, allowing for the creation of two larger rooms for more space. While this will allow for more of the regular programming, this space will also be used for more small group training. “With yoga or Pilates, you might have one person that drops in once or twice in the semester,” Taylor said, noting the difference between small group training and group fitness classes. “Small group training is something that you’d sign up for for six weeks.”
This training would include classes like kettle bell and functional training as well as smaller, more private, intensive classes.             “So, instead of someone going out in the weight area not knowing what they’re doing, they’re in a more private area, they’re getting instructions, it’s a smaller group setting, and they can really work towards their goals,” Taylor said.

Although racquetball court availability was an initial concern in the process, the court will fill more needs once construction is completed, BC Rec officials said. Research conducted by Campus Recreation found that at least two racquetball courts were reserved only 20 percent of the total Flynn Complex operational hours and all three courts were reserved only three percent of the time. Also, instead of only serving two racquetball players at a time, the spin studio will be able to accommodate more people at once.

Because of these numbers, the congestion in spin classes overrode court availability concerns in the decision making process. “We definitely have a lot of problems with overbooking,” said spin instructor Natalie Bowen. “Today was probably one of the only classes that I didn’t have to kick someone out.” The new studio, 150 square feet larger, will likely add more room for more bikes, limiting congestion in the rooms and opening up more rooms for additional programming.

While spin and yoga classes cannot run at the same time now because of their proximity, in the future, multiple classes can run in the multipurpose rooms while spin classes are also running in the new studio.

Besides the added space, the room will also serve as an air-conditioned area. “That’s the number one challenge,” Taylor said. “The number one request that we get is that we have more air conditioned space.” During construction, the ceiling in the racquetball court has been lowered in order to add air conditioning in the rooms, one of the only air-conditioned spaces in the Flynn Complex.

The air conditioning also gives flexibility to the wellness office, a place that will allow for more general health treatments for students. Campus Recreation has already been approved to give massages in this area, and also hopes to use the space for more private assessments.

Campus Recreation also plans to work with the Office of Health Promotion to bring more wellness programs to the Flynn Complex. One potential program would bring student health coaches to the office to perform their individual health programs (IHPs), which are currently done in Gasson. “I’d like to get some of those health coaches down here where the students are,” Taylor said. “It will just give us more opportunity to add more health and wellness programs for our students.”
The construction has also included a window from the main hall looking down upon the cycle studio, making the programs more visible to gym-goers in the hopes of generating more sign-ups. “This only works if people come sign up for classes,” Taylor said.


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