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Series Offers BC Students A Look At The 'Real World'

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Published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

cameron 2/23/12

Sara Davey / Heights Staff

The UGBC Student Information and University Affairs committee filled Gasson 100 on Wednesday night with their first of several "Real World: Boston College" events.

The event, "Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew In College" featured Katie Corey, STM '13, and Cameron Smith, assistant director for the First Year Area and Academic Initiatives in the Office of Residential Life, who gave talks about their experiences as college students in the early 2000s.

The series, which commenced on Wednesday, is targeted toward all BC students to offer insight on the "real world." Grace Lee, UGBC director of Student Information and A&S '14, introduced the talk, stating that the series had a focus on "where have you been, and where are you going."

"My co-director [Grace] and I decided that we wanted to spark a more honest conversation series on campus," said Kiley Callahan, UGBC director of Student Information and LSOE '14. "We chose really relatable faculty administration, peer leaders, whoever it may be so everyone on campus can have an opportunity to listen to someone they haven't heard and learn something."

Both Corey and Smith gave heartfelt, comedic  talks about their experiences in college, and what they wish they could have known looking back. Some of their advice was humorous, as Smith stated, "I wish I had flossed in college," and Corey rehashed her musical choices at parties in 2003. However, the basis of both lectures was to encourage students to listen to their gut and be honest with themselves.

Both speakers reached out to students in a sentimental, relatable way, urging them to look beyond the superficial aspects of college social life. Smith concluded his talk with the statement, "I wish I knew to have honest conversations ,and I wish I knew to have conversations with people who weren't my friends." Corey ended on a similar note, encouraging students to, "listen to yourself, and those deepest down stirrings inside of you."

After the event, Corey commented on her experience working on the lecture. "This is a great event for BC students because students really will get a chance to hear from people who went to college 10 plus years ago and learn from their advice, but in a fun, authentic, meaningful way." She mentioned that events like this are particularly unique because they offer a retreat-like "talk" outside of the solemn setting. "[Students] can take one hour out of their lives and just be able to hear a story."

Real World: Boston College will continue to have events throughout the semester with similar topics featuring faculty and staff, to reach out to students of all types.

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