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SLC Brings Romance to Sophomores

Sophomores particpate in the second annual Dating Game last night.

Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updated: Friday, February 15, 2013 14:02

SLC Brings Romance to Sophomores

Robyn Kim // Heights Staff

Love and laughter filled the room of McGuinn 121 on Wednesday evening during the second annual Sophomore Dating Game, sponsored by RHA’s Sophomore Leadership Council (SLC). Hosted by SLC members Peter Trainor and Ted Raddell, both A&S ’15, the event provided entertainment for students in an informal setting in honor of Valentine’s Day.

After the success of last year’s Dating Game, SLC began plans to host a second event at the beginning of the semester, and used social media extensively to reach out to Boston College students. Starting in January, students had the option of nominating their friends through a Facebook page created by SLC, and contestants were selected based on the amount of nominations received as well as information provided by their peers. Amani Teshome, CSOM ’15, and Ashley De Cicco, CSON ’15, were selected as the bachelor and bachelorette, respectively.

The event consisted of three parts: two bachelor and bachelorette interviews, with a “Couple’s Challenge” in between. First, De Cicco had the opportunity to ask four questions to three male students who were introduced to the audience previously, but were unknown to De Cicco at the time. Marc Mannara, A&S ’15, Mark Stanley, CSOM ’15, and Harrison Shoffner, A&S ’15, were the three students nominated to partake in the game and were given the challenge of answering De Cicco’s questions, such as, “If you could be any animal, what would you be?” and “Explain to me your worst date ever,” which garnered some unique and varied responses. Ultimately, with his bold and crowd-pleasing answers, Mannara was selected by De Cicco as the winning contestant, and they were rewarded with a gift certificate to White Mountain.

The next portion of the event was based on the American television show The Newlywed Game, which first aired in the ’60s and allowed married couples to test their knowledge of each other. Wednesday’s event featured three BC couples competing for the chance to win a $30 gift card to Roggie’s. The couples included Cassandra Poulis, A&S ’15, and Brian Miller, CSOM ’15, who have been dating for about six months; Malone Plummer and Phil O’Connor, both A&S ’15; and Emily Goforth, LSOE ’15, and Adam Murray, A&S ’15, who have been dating about a year. Plummer and O’Connor attempted to prepare beforehand by practicing responses to some of the questions from the original television series. “We YouTube-ed some old episodes and didn’t get too many successes,” Plummer said. “So we just decided to wing it.”

While the male students left the room, hosts Trainor and Raddell asked the girls a series of questions about their boyfriends and recorded their answers, then welcomed the guys back to the room to see if their answers matched up. Questions included, “Who was your boyfriend’s last girlfriend?” and “What is his most annoying habit?”—of the three contestants, only one of the girls knew the name of her boyfriend’s last girlfriend. The roles were reversed and the males were asked questions while the females left the room, answering questions such as “Where was your first date and how much did you spend?” as well as “What is your girlfriend’s favorite condiment?” While none of the guys were able to guess the latter question correctly, the couples generally had matching responses for their first date, although the details were sometimes disputed. Poulis and Miller ended up winning this round, despite the fact that Miller incorrectly guessed his girlfriend’s favorite condiment to be “chickpeas.”
In the final section of the Dating Game, Teshome asked questions to three female contestants: Shabuu Lee, A&S ’15; Cathryn Woodruff, A&S ’15; and Kelly Caprio, A&S ’15. Teshome chose to keep his questions fun and aimed to elicit laughter from the audience, asking questions such as “What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?” Teshome selected Woodruff as the winner, handing her a rose and ending the event on a high note.

While it is uncertain whether or not these dates will develop into something more, SLC surely created entertainment for the time being and had a considerably successful turnout for their first event of the semester.


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