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Sophomore Founds Clothing Brand

Heights Staff

Published: Thursday, April 12, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

In November 2011, a young Boston College entrepreneur invested his life’s savings in the establishment of a new clothing company. Andrew Veneziano, CSOM ’14, created One and Done, a brand intended to convey a message of taking risks and getting the most out of life. The t-shirt line, right now consisting of selected designs and styles (fewer than 100 of each), are unique, with a specific message of individuality and escaping comfort zones.

A project that initially started as a marketing academy project, Veneziano discovered his passion when he was approached to design t-shirts for CSOM students. After the project fell through, Veneziano found himself attached to the idea of design, and developed a logo of his own, which became One and Done’s brand insignia.

“I originally pursued the idea as something for me to wear,” Veneziano said. “I don’t have [clothes] that mean anything to me, nothing that separates one from another.”

With an interest and talent for creative writing, Veneziano combined both poetry and art design to develop a clothing line for young people to inspire a life lived to the fullest. Each t-shirt has a design and saying on the front, and on the inside, an original poem by Veneziano that enhances the unique meaning of the shirt.

“When you date someone, you don’t date them solely on looks,” Veneziano said. “Their personality makes them who they are. That’s what the shirts are like. The outside design is what attracts you, but the poem provides a different message or meaning. I wanted to change the way clothes are perceived.”

Veneziano has big ideas and plans for the future of the company. Aside from the standard Facebook and Twitter promotions, Veneziano has approached bands, as well as reached out to organizations in the Boston community to help deliver not just the clothes, but also the message.

As an avid hockey fan, Veneziano approached Restore-Hockey, a nonprofit organization based in Boston, which provides money and equipment to youth hockey programs in the area. Veneziano called attention to both the program and his brand with contests such as donating a dollar for every “like” the One and Done Facebook page gets during the NHL playoffs while the Bruins are competing.

Veneziano also has contacted local and up-and-coming bands to wear his t-shirts and endorse the brand while performing. Connecting with BC campus bands, as well as musicians on Tufts’ campus, Veneziano gave out free samples of the shirts for them to wear. The Chicago-based band, Late in the Playoffs, expressed interest in Veneziano’s endeavors and was given free gear in hopes they would endorse the company while on stage.

The company, run by Veneziano alone, is supported mostly by word of mouth support. “My little brother has a box of shirts he’s been giving out at school, but aside from that, it’s just me. My family and friends are helping me spread the word.”

Accompanied by the t-shirt designer and printer, Veneziano developed a website where patrons can place t-shirt orders. The website also features something Veneziano feels passionately about as well—creative writing. With a unique blog feature, visitors can e-mail poetry, prose, or any creative writing, and have Veneziano post them to the site as an outlet for expression.

“When I first got into writing, I had no way to share it. People can send me anything, and I’ll post it,” Veneziano said. He mentioned the possibility of a contest as well, where submissions would be up for the potential of being made into t-shirts.

The shirts are made with environmentally friendly, water-based ink. With professional photo shoots and a commercial filming scheduled for after finals, Veneziano plans to pursue his venture with a creative product and message.

For more information about One and Done, visit

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