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Themed Pub Night Brings The Rat Back To Its Glory Days

Heights Staff

Published: Sunday, February 19, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

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Daniel Lee / Heights Editor

Thursday evening, the Rat was home to po' boy sandwiches, jambalaya, Creole-inspired music, and reasonably priced beer and wine for an early celebration of Mardi Gras. The 21+ event was sponsored by UGBC Campus Entertainment and was their second Pub Series event of the academic year.

Despite limited methods available for publicizing the event due to the serving of alcohol, over 100 students attended the event.

Kristen Mount, co-director of campus Pub Series and A&S '12, said the advertising obstacle was overcome by students telling each other about the event. "Students found out about the event through word of mouth because of the 21+ restriction," Mount said. "The University is strict about [how we advertise]." The event also had a Facebook page.

Joseph Bini, A&S '12, said that he had a great time at the event but wished that more students were in attendance. "It was fun, but they need to publicize the event better so more people will come," Bini said.

Mount was pleased that so many students were in attendance, especially considering the limited success of last academic year's pub series events. "At the first event, we had 600 people for the first time," Mount said. "I'm happy people are here." Mount thought the food offering was a significant factor in the number of students attending. "The increase in attendance is great. People respond well to food," he said.

Preston Landers, CSOM '12, confirmed Mount's theory on the appeal of offering food. "I love being with my friends and eating free food," Landers said. He also thought this pub series event was an improvement from the previous one. "This one was better because they dimmed the lights. Also, holding it on a Thursday is a good idea."

Other students echoed Landers' sentiments. The free food and the novelty of serving beer and wine on campus appealed to Mary Kate McAdams, A&S '12. "The free food is great, and I think it's amusing there's alcohol in the Rat," McAdams said.

While students were enjoying themselves, Mount said she thought it would be unlikely that they would extend the event longer than two hours in the future. "An event any longer wouldn't sell," Mount said. "People usually don't stay more than 45 minutes."

Students expressed their desire to see more events of this kind and having the Rat go back to being a bar as it was before the drinking age was raised to 21. Thomas Kotlowski, A&S '12, said he would attend more pub series events if they had them. "I had a great time, and I wish they had more of these," Kotlowski said. "I heard that the Rat used to be a bar where students and faculty could mingle."

Mount did say, though, that she would like to see more events of this kind. "We'd like to have one once a month," Mount said, "but people aren't necessarily here all the time because of breaks."

Katherine Corteselli, LSOE '12, attended the event because she wanted a shared experienced with her mother who also went to BC. "When my mom went here it was a bar," Corteselli said, "and I wanted the same experience."

Landers also thought the experience was important to BC tradition. "I would like us to return to those glory days when the Rat was a pub."

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